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  1. I'd like to see the female CCL holder numbers go up. Currently they're at roughly 1/5th of the male numbers.


    I am doing my part. I've gotten 35 of my female friends/acquaintances to get their FOIDs and 10 of those have applied/gotten their CCLs. I'd be pleased as 12 mofos if every one of my friends got armed, but a number of them have emotional issues/busts for stupid stuff, so they are unfortunately consigned to potential victim status—which is why I give them knives and teach them prison-stabbing techniques.

  2. Today's numbers, just in time for IGOLD.


    Statewide total = 101,560; county breakdown in the following PDF:


    attachicon.gifFCCL by county as of 3-17-2014.pdf


    Well, it looks like a slight slowdown from about 3 weeks ago, where we were on pace for 139,827 since CCLs have begun to be issued. With 101,560 in the first 76 days of the year, that puts it on a pace for 47,100 licenses issued in 2015. plus the 91,753 from last year, that makes 138,753 issued total by the end of 2015. We got to pick this thing up, people!

  3. On a somewhat related note, I just finished helping 5 of my female friends complete their applications for CCLs today while I was home dealing with a foot injury and a migraine. Learning from my previous experience, as well as what I've learned on the board here, they got State and Federal background checks on themselves beforehand, and had their RAP sheets pulled at CPD headquarters. The all came up clean, so I estimate that they should have a much easier time getting approved.


    I feel like Oprah, helping people get their licences. "You get a CCL! And you get a CCL! And you, and you, and you! CCLs for everyone!"

  4. So, my canine mail alarm went off today (crazy-@ss Dr. Seuss-creature-looking pit bull-golden retriever mix thundering down the stairs barking to crash into the door as the mail man puts the mail through the slot) and lo and behold, two letters from the Illinois State Police. First is the capitulation letter that, d@mn it, they have been forced to admit that Commodore McStreetlights's worry that I might go crazy and shoot up the town was a waste of taxpayer money. Next is the letter with the slightly thicker playing-card-sized rectangle within it, which I slice open and see that they've managed to make my photo look like a slightly-less-than-serial-killer mugshot than my driver's license. I can now, officially, walk outside of my house with a life round in the chamber, instead of having to "FOID transport" even in the few places not restricted from concealed carry in Chicago.


    As such, I would like to exercise my 1st Amendment rights to political speech in support of my incremental victory for the exercising of my 2nd Amendment rights, and dedicate the following mocking video clip to the Commodore's failed attempt to deny me the latter:






    Apologies, I'll make it a NSFW spoiler link the way I've seen other people do, if that's acceptable.

  5. Here's a PDF with the FOID numbers by county on 1/2/2014 and 1/1/2015 and the 12/31/2014 FCCL counts. I've included estimated population plus columns for FOID (at year end) as % of population, FOID % growth for the year, FCCL as % of FOID, and FCCL as % of population. After I get a chance to do some more proofreading I'll post this in spreadsheet form.


    Meanwhile, a few highlights:


    FOIDs are up 8.5% for the year (by over 142,000), and now are held by about 14.2% of the population. The increase in Cook County, which occurred in the face of that jurisdiction's continued hostility to the Second Amendment, was an incredible 11.3%, highest in the state.


    FCCLs are now held by 5.0% of FOID cardholders. At the beginning of the year this number was approximately 0.0%. In Cook County, 5.5% of FOID cardholders now have FCCLs.


    As always, suggestions and corrections are invited.


    attachicon.gifYE2014 FCCL + FOID.pdf


    You know what's extremely interesting about Cook County's data is that despite the increase being the highest in the state, both the percentage of FOID holders and FCCL holders are the lowest per capita in the state, at 8.3 percent and 0.46 percent, respectively. The next lowest percentage per capita in both is DuPage at 11.0 percent and 0.60 percent. It's almost as if there is some discouraging factor in those counties trying to make it more difficult for citizens to get licensed to own and carry firearms.


    Curiouser and curiouser.

  6. Keep in mind that ISP has a lot of time to process applications and also that not all applications which are started are completed in a timely manner or at all. Everything I've seen says that the actual denial rate is comparable to that in other states, keeping in mind that most other states saw slightly higher denial rates when carry began that they do now.


    It would be interesting to track denial/appeal/etc. stats but right now the process is so fluid, what with rule changes and court challenges, that it's hard to formulate a meaningful request for data and even more difficult to get data which would be comparable from one period to the next.

    What would REALLY be interesting is to get data on the number of law enforcement objections, especially broken down into the reasons for said objections (danger to self, others, public safety, mental illness, et cetera), as well as an accounting of where and who (what town/city/county/state, as well as the objecting party in those places) the objection came from. Then contrast that with how many of those objections were overturned, by the board and through court challenge. I'd bet that would open up an extremely interesting line of inquiry as to who and what sort of behavior is going on with this. I also bet my next two years' worth of ammo money that if that was done, and widely disseminated to media sources and pro 2nd Amendment activists (hay!), the resulting furor would severely curtail specious objections by entities like the CPD and the Sheriff of Dartingham.

  7. I actually had no idea how to become a "Supporting Member" on here until I saw this thread and then looked around and stumbled on the "Subscriptions" tab. I thought, based on other sites that I use, that "Subscriptions" meant an e-mail mailing list or newsletter. I would suggest changing that to "Support IllinoisCarry" or something similar, so people know exactly how to do that and where to look. It's confusing even to me, and I pretty much made a living being online for a good chunk of my career.

  8. You should have seen the spit-take I did when I read Aziz's bald-faced statement that:

    ". . . the law enforcement objection as heard by the Concealed Carry Board does not straightly implicate the right to bear arms. What it implicates is the right to a license."

    If that isn't the most mealy mouthed, disingenuous, word-twisting argument I've ever heard made, I don't know what is. It's like putting a towel over someone's head and whacking the towel with a hammer, then saying, "I didn't hit you in the head, I hit the towel. The damage to your head from me hitting the towel with the hammer is of no consequence, and I'm not to blame for your cracked skull, because the hammer never touched your head directly."

    Patterson calling BS on it by noting, "This does implicate the right to bear arms because the only way you can bear arms is with the license" is entirely spot on and puts the lie to Aziz's wordplay shenanigans succinctly and powerfully.

    D@mn, whenever he shuffles off this mortal coil, Bilal A. Aziz most definitely has a job waiting for him writing contracts for souls as a junior demonic partner in the firm of Beelzebub, Adremelach, and Dis. That was some malevolent sophistry there, boy. Chilling.

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