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  1. This is essentially a type of poll tax. Not sure how this could be legal.
  2. The sign might just be a scare tactic. I took a home defense course that suggested you put signs in your yard saying you had a security system and beware of dog signs on your door even if you don't have either. If a criminal thinks you have an alarm system they may look elsewhere. This sign may be the same psychological tactic.
  3. I have not had a problem buying guns or ammo in person or online with my "expired" foid.
  4. I finally received my foid. Renewed 5/5/20, received 4/3/21. Ironically my friend renewed his card 3 weeks ago and he received his new one the same day I did. How is that possible?
  5. After Republicans eliminated the filibuster to force through the latest supreme court nominee, there is a high probability that dems will eliminate the filibuster entirely to force through everything they can. There is maybe 1 dem that might side with us on a few issues, there are also 2-3 repubs that would side with dems. In either case we lose on most issues. There's very little we can do. Our real options were to control 1 of the houses of congress or the presidency. We failed to do that. The last line of defense is the supreme court, but they have shown little interest in getting involved in 2a issues. Even if they take a case, there is no telling how they would rule and if they rule in our favor, the dems could turn around and pack the court and we would lose that option as well. I think our hope is that dems prioritize other issues (taxes, covid, climate change, dreamers, student debt forgiveness) and that keeps them busy for 2 years until we can hopefully win an election. If any major mass shootings occur in the mean time, they will pass most gun control laws in days not weeks.
  6. I know this video is preaching to the choir, but I love Mike Ritland and the way he articulates a logical point of view of gun rights. It's a bit long but worth it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRoUWdVIrzM
  7. Applied May 5, expired Aug 1. Waiting more than 6 months now.
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