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  1. hello neighbors , need a gunsmith / shop who can cut down my 7722 barrel. I won't mind a drive from Chicago , 1hr or so will work. - LAW weapons , anyone used them ? - Done right gun repair , anyone used them ? any other suggestions , a place you have used & are happy with the work please let me know Thank you all , Pep
  2. any topics / info on what to do when your stopped ? give your DL / insurance / CCL / FOID maybe ? have to declare ? or your plates already informed the officer ? do you also have to carry FOID along with CCL ? I don't usually carry FOID unless I'm going to the range or to my FFL. leaving locked gun on work parking lot ? Applied early Nov , got a letter from ISP stating prints weren't good mid Dec , fingerprints issue corrected early Jan & went active about a week ago. I just got my CCL in hand yesterday. Thanks ,
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