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  1. Yes. The way Oakbrook did it is on purpose (IMO) to trip up CCW-holders. Per Ty's post, it sounds like they have it at some entrances to the parking lot, but not all. I suspect that's easily enough to get you a "not guilty" in court, but probably would still get arrested and have to go through the court process. I think the anti-gunners like to make it confusing, so they can cause more grief to law-abiding citizens who they detest. I won't step foot in Oakbrook Mall or any business there. Instead, I go to Stratford Square or Fox Valley, which are not posted. Probably enough to get you a not guilty? When was the last time someone eyeballed you as carrying? Are you sloppy in your concealment? If you entered through a door and IF someone "made" you and IF police responded and stopped you to quiz you, then you tell them you saw no sign when you came in. That's enough IFs that I didn't feel bad about stopping by the new MC Sports in Market Place Mall last Friday. And guess what? Nobody was any the wiser that I was carrying... and the building wasn't properly posted, so I wasn't the LEAST BIT concerned about hassle. Your mileage may vary though.
  2. Bueno. Good job lining up the plaintiffs and teeing this one up. Crossing fingers this won't be decided in 2016.
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