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  1. They have figured it out: no work, still get a paycheck!
  2. How do they know you are a Foid holder ? Do they report everyone ?
  3. Renewal timeline submitted CCL 1/12/19 submitted FOID 5/6/19 Active FOID 7/3/19 received FOID 7/10/19 Stopped by State Reps office 8/28/19, Called me back a couple of time thru the process. Inspect element showed Rejected, training certificate missing number; 8/29/2019, went and got replacement Certificate from trainer Phone call from ISP discussed problem and attached new certificate to email AND he called me back and acknowledge he had received it and was good to go 9/11/2019 Phone call from ISP CCL approved 9/13/19 Active 9/13/19 Received in mail 9/18/19
  4. Getting a FOID card for a minor requires a affidavit, what does it need to say? Is there a form one on line to be used?
  5. my foid renewal button came active today at 90 days before expiration date.
  6. Renewal option just popped up this morning 5/1/2019 on the site. My FOID expires 8/1/2019, giving me 90 days. Now that I am still under review/QC verified for my CCL do i dare to renew now or wait till after CCL is active?
  7. Renewed January 12th Expired April 15th QC verified April 30th no prints
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