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  1. You are just finishing up the 30 day rejection period that law enforcement has... now it needs to go to CCLB... As others have said inspect element is not approval Tom
  2. I grew up with the "fridge" and that doesn't look like him...I think he was number 72
  3. I guess what I am getting at is... No Illinois license = NO any license anywhere would that be fair to say? granted that's only if I live in Illinois. Or in any state for that matter. You must have a CCL from your home state. Why I say this is because it seems at least at this point in the game Illinois is making it hard for what ever reason and we never had to produce a license from Illinois for other states because we didn't have one. To go one step further for instance, my application is denied will I have to surrender all permits from other states I may have now that Illinois has a permit ?. Just putting that out there I am sure their are non resident permit holders for other states that may be denied. Tom .
  4. Now that Illinois has a permit will New Hampshire require the permit instead of just the FOID? will any state that requires you to have a home state permit allow you to keep their license? Tom
  5. I have another question about non-resident licenses, We were allowed to get a Utah for example without having a CC permit in Illinois because we didn't have one at the time so Utah allowed Illinois residents to apply, Now that we have a permit will people that don't get our permit for what ever reason have to give up or not be able to apply for CC in other states? Tom
  6. I was looking at which states I could carry in if I added Florida, (I already have Utah and waiting on Illinois) if I get my Florida it will give me New Mexico, If I got a Arizona instead of Florida it will only give me New Mexico and not Florida, So for a few extra dollars for me I may go ahead and get my Florida I have all the training its just a cost issue if I want to spend 100 or so for 2 extra states. hmmm Tom
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