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  1. If the USPS could not verify you to the address the FOID was being sent they would return it! If the Mailbox was full the USPS may have returned it to ISP. Have you attempted to check the status after your return?
  2. Lets say we have concealed carry class, 10 people. Five of the ten do not have Texting or Email. I usually input everybody to save being on the phone several hours trying to help them. Have been told "You can call the 800 number" They try and get the allotted time has expired after a 3 hour wait! You have a friend that is afraid the Kelly and his Swat team are coming after them because of expired FOID Oh I mean EXPIRED/REVOKED. They have a cell but no texting and no Email! Was told by State Rep's assistant make up new Email account? I was helping 5-10 people a week, it would be impossible to keep up with that many email accounts! So where are we at. I have several renewal applicants sitting here with no where to go???????? They don't have time to stay on the phone for hours waiting! Someone needs to step up and do something.
  3. Just left walmart and was informed Walmart will no longer accept the ISP DIR. Kelly letter stating that your FOID is still valid. You must have an unexpired valid FOID to purchase any guns of ammo!
  4. This whole state has went nuts. Finger prints for FOIDS $1,000,000 insurance policy to get CCl Illegal to for insurance to insure CCL for liability Ban Gas leaf blowers No self service gasoline, But sponsor said it would be OK to pump yourself. But we will be paying attendant. Marijuana legalized Mandatory HPV vaccinations in sixth grade. No exemptions for private or religious schools. Kelly said there was 106% increase in the Firearm Revocation transfers form last year of a little over a hundred. I'am guess 99% of the revocations are from EXPIRATION'S. One Local Sheriff in Jasper county was getting the forms filled out and turning them and the FOID into ISP??? That must be the 106%. $30 million dollar profit in Fire arm services and 3 employee's. Heard from a local Sheriff that the Sheriff attending Sheriffs convention vote not to Enforce expired FOID notices. Only people that had crimes or presented a threat!!!!!!!!! We have two choices MOVE or take back the state,.
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