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  1. Congrats to all! Welcome to the club! Now... off to Wally World with you! Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  2. Wasn't there a case here in Illinois that dealt with a ban in public housing......Winbigler? Wouldn't the same apply to parks being publicly owned just like public housing? Seems to me with Shepard and Heller, it was ruled that we have the right to carry for the purpose of self defense in public. If it is taxpayer funded... to me its public. just my opinion, Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  3. Any places supported through taxpayer money should be clear of signs. Period.
  4. Senate Chris Nybe should be NYBO = Contact Email is chris@chrisnybo.org Representative Peter Breen = Contact Email is info@votebreen.com
  5. The only people that have to follow the Law or suffer the consequences are the Citizens. Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  6. I'm just curious... Is it possible you received your license with the thought that granting you your rights would negate the effect of the lawsuit? No idea, just asking. Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly
  7. My Son received his CCL Submitted = 1/9 Approved = 3/7 Received = 3/10 App # = 18,8xx Instructor = No Prints = Yes County = DuPage
  8. http://reverb.findawayworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Happy-Dance-480x356.jpg Applied = 1/5 Approved = 2/28 Post Marked = 3/4 Received = 3/7 County = DuPage App # 12200+
  9. Now I really am getting frustrated. Approved 2/28 and again today, NO JOY (DuPage County.) What the...??? Just sitting here grinding my teeth...
  10. I was approved after 5:00pm on Friday (28th). No Joy today. Mail doesn't come till late afternoon here, so maybe late Thursday. I've basically lost a week. Ahh well. For those wanting to know, I live in DuPage county - Glen Ellyn area.
  11. I was approved after 5:00pm on Friday (28th). I'm figuring the USPS probably didn't pick up till Monday, so it could be today or tomorrow before I see my license. At least that's what I'm going with. Yeah... lets go with that...
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