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  1. My Son received his CCL Submitted = 1/9 Approved = 3/7 Received = 3/10 App # = 18,8xx Instructor = No Prints = Yes County = DuPage
  2. http://reverb.findawayworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Happy-Dance-480x356.jpg Applied = 1/5 Approved = 2/28 Post Marked = 3/4 Received = 3/7 County = DuPage App # 12200+
  3. Now I really am getting frustrated. Approved 2/28 and again today, NO JOY (DuPage County.) What the...??? Just sitting here grinding my teeth...
  4. I was approved after 5:00pm on Friday (28th). No Joy today. Mail doesn't come till late afternoon here, so maybe late Thursday. I've basically lost a week. Ahh well. For those wanting to know, I live in DuPage county - Glen Ellyn area.
  5. I was approved after 5:00pm on Friday (28th). I'm figuring the USPS probably didn't pick up till Monday, so it could be today or tomorrow before I see my license. At least that's what I'm going with. Yeah... lets go with that...
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