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  1. We must be missing part of the story. As it sits with the info we have, they had no justification to take the man's propery.
  2. Some of us just want to be left alone. We're sick of the gov sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. Why can't I just go to the range and have a nice day without wondering if what I'm bringing is "allowed" in this state?
  3. Well, I got my updated "combined" card already and it only took about three weeks. I'm assuming it qualifies as a CCL, even though it is a "Firearms Owners Identification" card but it says "CCL:Yes" in the upper right corner. I feel lucky that so far, I've not had any issues with my FOID or CCL. From the original issuance of the card years ago, to the renewal and now an address change, it's gone smoothly. I'm thankful, especially after reading the numerous horror stories here about problems. Although the $80 fee seems really steep for an address change. The tax on the right to carry is pretty steep here in IL. $250 for a 16 hour class $150 for the application $150 for a 3-day renewal class $150 for a renewal application $80 for an address change So add in the extra fees, taxes and gas required to travel to the classes and we're talking probably over $1000 so far. That doesn't include the firearm or defense ammo. I'm thankful for IL Carry where I learned so much over the years about this whole process. It's a critical resource to have.
  4. I decided to go ahead with the address change a couple weeks ago since my 30 day time limit was running out. It still was showing that warning, but I went ahead and did the change anyway. Just checked the Web site today and it looks like the address change went through since the Web site now shows my new address. I also generated an eFOID which was correct. Still waiting on the CCL to show up in the mail. Anyone know if there is a way to show the status of the CCL address change and mailing status on the ISP Web site? I didn't see a way.
  5. This "law" needs to be struck down. The whole thing is ridiculous.
  6. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I remember watching video's of Todd V sitting in front of the legislature trying to explain the difference between a right and a privilege. Never thought in a million years we'd ever get legal carry here in IL. It seemed like we were making progress for a while, but now we're falling backward with "assault weapon" and magazine bans.
  7. So, can I still take my handgun with a 17 round mag to the range, at least until next year? Can I bring my AR to the range with a 30 round mag, at least until next year? I guess we really could use a list of what we can and cannot do at this point.
  8. So, I haven't tried to update the address on my FOID since supposedly we have combined cards. Should I try to update the address on my "FOID" also?
  9. I guess I'll try to change my address for the CCL every week for a while, but what if I get that error in perpetuity?
  10. I'll try again next week I guess. Would it be a problem if I never changed the address on the CCL and just waited for the next renewal date to do it? I don't want to cause a problem where the CCL will get invalidated somehow, so why rock the boat? As we all know, it took great amount of time and expense to even get one of these things from IL. I don't want to get stuck in limbo for years with an invalid license due to some ISP Web site issue.
  11. I just got my new updated DL with my new address on it, so I went to the IL ISP Web site and tried to update my address for my CCL. When I submit the changes, I get a message: "This Information does not match the Secretary Of State information we have on record." And it shows the new address I entered, which is correct. It also says "If you Continue To Payment, your information will be saved, but please remember To update your Driver's License information promptly. Once payment is complete, a new card will be sent to you." And below that it shows the picture of myself from my OLD driver's license. Did some update not occur and it's out of sync? Not sure what I should do when I got to that point, so I cancelled the process. Anyone know what to do next?
  12. Well, with the way the ATF behaves these days, you never know.
  13. +1 on that. I ordered a bunch of .223 from them and when firing it out of an AR, it was keyholing badly. The bullets were tumbling immediately when exiting the barrel, probably due to low pressure. I was surprised the gun didn't jam or have any other malfunctions. Never had that issue with any other ammo, including some older Freedom stuff, which probably happened to be made right.
  14. So, I'm moving in a few weeks and I'll need to do a change of address for my CCL / FOID card. My question is: Should I wait until I get my DL address updated before I go through the CCL / FOID address change process, or doesn't it matter? For an address change, do they try to match the CCL to the DL? If I try to do the CCL / FOID first before I do my DL, will that cause a problem? Also, I just got a second letter from the IL Firearms Services Bureau about receiving a combined card. I think I got the first letter almost a year ago and have yet to receive the combined card. It doesn't say when they're actually going to send it, so I'm not sure if this complicates things or not.
  15. Yes. Or they'll make up their own "rights", like the right to free health care or an abortion.
  16. Since when have constitutional rights and laws meant anything to (D) politicians? As we've seen with the latest IL gun ban which violates the 2A and flies in the face of supreme court case law, they just don't care. There are literally no penalties for politicians who pass these "laws".
  17. Debarking is sick. I'm surprised that you can find vets that will do it. If you have issues with your dog barking, spend time to train it out of them or get a bark collar instead.
  18. Pitbulls that are raised right seem to be OK. I have a family member who had three pitbulls. One they raised as a puppy and he was as sweet as could be. The other two were rescues and were vicious. One of them attacked a jogger in front of their house, the other one killed both their cats.
  19. That's insane. Hopefully the cop will get what he deserves and Soukaneh will take him to the cleaners. We as gun owners don't need cops like this on the streets.
  20. Yes, out of state people have more firearms rights in IL than actual IL residents do... Go figure.
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