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  1. I submitted same time as Truck1, as of today I was Under Review (inspect element Approved). Hopefully it's just a few more days now.
  2. Update: Renewed online end of Aug (this FOID was sent to me in April)... inspect element went QC_verified last week. Agree with the others. Considering we pay some of the highest fees in the nation to exercise a RIGHT... the ISP needs to improve their turn around times. I shouldn't have worry about "explaining" to a gun store or a LEO that my rights are intact (as long as I've done my part). My hope is that the whole FOID will eventually be thrown out. Respectfully,
  3. I did receive a renewal letter and I submitted at the end of August (expire in Nov). As of this afternoon it still shows "Under Review". (The inspect element shows "Submitted") This FOID was just issued to me in April of this year (they automatically Renewed it with my FCCL renewal...in order to match my FOID/FCCL). My concern would be the same as others have mentioned "would the FFL honor the FOID status"? Some still seem pretty insistent on a FOID for purchase. Respectfully,
  4. Mrs applied with prints 5/20 (not sure when she went Active) but, has card in hand 6/25. Congrats to all the new card carriers. Respectfully,
  5. Mail lady earned herself a Christmas bonus today!! In Will County. 72 days from applying until I received it. For those still waiting... I know your frustration. Just stick it out. I've been waiting for this day for 26 yrs. Respectfully,
  6. In Will County. Mailman just earned herself a nice Christmas bonus. 1/4-3/17 72 days Keep em' coming folks. Respectfully,
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