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  1. And bold enough to keep going after half their crew gets shot.
  2. The Trib was reporting Ammendment 1 passed with 0% counted. It’s reporting 77% yes. I hope they are 100% wrong.
  3. I have an interesting situation and I am not sure how to resolve the issue. According to the ISP web site, my FOID and CCL expire 5/2/2024. This information matches my CCL card that I have. However, my FOID card list an expiration date of 11/01/2022. This will obviously cause me issues if I try to buy something starting in November. Has anyone had this happen to them before? Any idea on how I can get a corrected FOID card without having to pay for it. It is not lost or stolen, it simply has an incorrect expiration date.
  4. Even here I doubt he would be prosecuted. That would be horrible PR for the state/city to pursue charges for someone who just saved dozens of lives. Also, I have been carrying since CC became legal in Illinois (my license was in the first batched mail out). Over the years I haven’t really found many places that were restricted. I do have to leave my gun in the car at work since they are posted. Most places I go though are fine and there are a few restaurants I avoid now because they are posted.
  5. I also use those. They are great holsters.
  6. Unfortunately I agree with your assumption. The entire lake front is a park and therefore is a prohibited place. Pretty ridiculous to me given the number of stories you hear every year regarding people getting attacked along the lake front. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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