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  1. Don't these people know that the whites are able to return fire? Just a rhetorical question.
  2. In my family both daughters are anchored in IL. Two married grandsons also reside in IL and won't leave due to family/career situations. Another grandson managed to bust loos and now lives in OK. My guess is he will stay there. It sickens me to see how the IL politicians continue to ruin the state. Wife and I escaped to IN ten years ago. As long as Chicago is part of IL I don't see any positive change. I applaud illinoiscarry for the effort is makes to change things.
  3. IIRC it has been said the real reason Mayor Daley wanted FOID cards was to control his black constituents. Remember all the rioting going on in those days. Hmmm, kinda like now.
  4. Hard to tell which of these two is the most despicable. I've seen them both in action and it is disgusting. Sadly, the misguided voters of Illinois will keep her in the Senate for as long as she wants. Side note: When the opportunity presents itself I like to tell libs I'm a member of the European American Community.
  5. Some boob wrote a letter to the Tribune today to the effect that these shootings are due to how easy it is to get a gun. Personally I've owned dozens of guns over the years and to date have not shot anyone. So disgusting.
  6. If SCOTUS was doing its job we would have nationwide Constitutional Carry by now. For now, with socialist control of Congress and a hapless clown in the White House, freedom is in big trouble. My US Rep is a Dem, so useless to contact him. A short term fix will have to be some big mid-term wins for us.
  7. Any pol using the false term "assault rifle" has lost me forever.
  8. As I recall she got a lot of Bloomberg money when she was first running. Maybe one of these days SCOTUS will get off its butt and end this nonsense for good. "Shall not be infringed"
  9. IMO he has betrayed us. He should switch to the socialist party.
  10. This guy smelled bad when he was trying for SCOTUS. No surprise that Biden gave him his present job.
  11. Just another reminder (as if we needed it) that there are many out there who wish to destroy our freedoms.
  12. We must never forget: Their ultimate goal is total disarmament. A pox on the GOP pols who go along with this.
  13. My daughter lives a half hour north of Austin. She said it is rapidly turning into San Francisco. People are flocking there in droves and the local govt can't keep up with infrastructure needs. She said Beto wants to run for Gov. and is afraid it could happen with the influx of whack jobs.
  14. We'll see. They've been stealing from the public for decades. Wonder what's going on that the feds are finally jumping in.
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