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  1. What a bummer. Witness slips for Amendment 1: 2636 against, 367 for. Amendment 2: 1404 against, 272 for. Kind of knocks the wind out of my sails.
  2. He shot 'through the window'. Not clear from the article but I'll assume it was a closed window since he missed his target three times at what must have been near point blank range. Audi windows must be pretty tough.
  3. Is it going to be like car insurance where all of us law abiders pay for the idiots that ram into us and don't have insurance?
  4. I know the trip is over but for future reference, your firearm case does not need to be in another luggage but it is more discreet that way. I do put mine in luggage and then open up both (if asked) facing away from the public. Many different experiences at AA counters. Some didn't check the firearm case. One had me show that it was unloaded but admitted she had no idea what she was looking at. Another (or it might have been the last one) asked me if I was going to my destination to shoot someone. Once in TX, the xray guy had me pull everything out just to talk about guns and why I like this one and that one. Never had an issue or a significant delay.
  5. I don't think anyone is pointing at individuals such as yourself. It's more for the ones we still see driving their car with no passengers yet still wearing the diaper. Saw a guy alone in his car yesterday (no Uber or Lyft stickers) with a mask AND his windows open.
  6. Maybe if the IL House worked more than 24 min/day they could deal with issues like this. People are going to be wearing masks forever here whether they are required to or not
  7. Glad to see our tax dollar paying their salary and generous pension is going to good use. 24 minutes of nonsense.
  8. 'Ghost guns are not subject to serial numbers or background checks because they are assembled from kits...'' Gangbanger guns are not subject to serial numbers or background checks because they are illegal already and you are doing nothing about these that I can see.
  9. That's assuming that the ten year record thing was ever actually followed... Truth. I know a FFL that keeps all 4473's forever. Why? 'To cover my xxx!', he said.
  10. I can't follow all news reports but know some of you do. Has there ever been a documented case of a 'ghost' gun being used in a crime?
  11. My guess is that once this cruises through to signature and the SCOTUS ignores it, the grandfathering will be next to go. Sad times.
  12. There are probably more rules somewhere like these that you cited. https://www.isp.state.il.us/docs/firearms052104.pdf • Seller must keep a record of such transfer for a period of 10 years from the date of transfer.
  13. I was criticized when I advocated for burning all paperwork over 10 years old. Not by me. I was shocked when I heard some FFLs were keeping paperwork beyond the required timeframe. I guess they are doing it to protect themselves but I would like some protection too.
  14. You're an optimist. I see eight years of the emBHARRISing regime. 10 years if Mr. Biden stays in office for 2 years and one day.
  15. But the memes are gold! This was after DTrump was acquitted the first time. Pretty sure the second acquittal will also happen.
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