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  1. Aren't there something like 8 days/year that background checks aren't run?
  2. Yes we can. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/cook-co-sheriff-demands-change-to-ammo-sales-regulations/ar-AAY96y8?bk=1&bk=1&ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531&cvid=dce582b49bd847ae90f03e317839c5ae
  3. I think Gary Rabine is the only R candidate not being accused of being political party fluid.
  4. The entire stretch of Jackson Blvd from Austin through Garfield Park is full of JB lawn signs, some intersections have them on all four corners. Seems like more are put up every day. Digging deep to get the hard inner-city vote. I bet they'll have tent rallies before the primary to give stuff away. I also feel like Ken Griffen is throwing so much money at Irvin so that Irvin will win the primary and lose in a landslide to the Governor. Besides this crazy theory, I can't believe he would back the worst of the three candidates - Rabine, Bailey and Irvin. Griffen has shown some other RINO actions like the $1M he gave to the Obama Foundation in 2017.
  5. Are these polls that Irvin is citing or actual polls? I've only seen that Emerson College poll and that one had Irvin at 24% and Bailey at 20%.
  6. Gov Pritzker's yard signs came out this weekend. Yellow and blue - he's a shoe in for the Ukrainian vote.
  7. No input, sorry. Just a bit surprised someone owns pistols in Canada. Sounds like a keeper though!
  8. Was this just a ruse to make the legislators think that someone with a scary gun was coming for them and they should vote away more of our rights?
  9. Pretty sure they are mailing out the linear flow, rapid tests for antigens that you do yourself. PCR tests would have to go to a lab for processing.
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