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  1. Convictions if I am not mistaken can only be sealed. They cannot be expunged. Only arrests and if the person was on supervision can that be expunged. ISP has said they will fight tooth and nail to deny any applicant that has been arrested for domestic violence, doesn't even have to end with a conviction. But Local Law Enforcement would most likely deny the applicant regardless of how many years the incident has happened. Several on this board have been placed under board review for things that were only an arrest and something that happened more than 10 years ago. Getting denied will end up costing several thousand dollars and as it stands right now, there is no due process so best to wait it out and get yourself a good attorney.
  2. Rocker I like your "no gun for Billy." So animated! Ha! Anyway you got a great point there.
  3. Chrislinger! Thanks so much! But thank Molly! She and Todd has been working their butts off. Hopefully what we can do is get enough lawsuits going where the board will only be able to deny if certain tangible criteria are met and it must be like 5 to 7 arrests.
  4. Jaystrum I have received a request from the review board and they asked me the same question 2x and in each case they got another 30 day extension. They dont' have any legal grounds to deny me so they are just going to make me wait. I truly hate this state, always have and will move out if I get denied.
  5. thank molly by donating to her website! $25 gets you a membership and all members will be added to the suit.
  6. Transplant thanks so much for donating! We really love Valinda! She is quite a woman and hopefully this mess will be straightened out. It would be great if we could file a suit to base the decisions on "convictions" and not arrests or worse, using police reports as evidence!
  8. Wow! If you read the definition of "patient" it also includes anybody who has even went as an "outpatient." The state of Illinois is the only state that will revoke your FOID even as an outpatient which is sad because no other states have that clause. Rumor has it even though statute says "outpatient" as well, ISP will only revoke your FOID if you go in as an "inpatient." I guess the statute is purposely left vague so they can have the flexibility to revoke your card.
  9. Congrats Storm! Hope everybody gets their licenses. Had I known about all this, I would have waited.
  10. California has the toughest gun laws.....few sorry for those that live there.
  11. CNWFan3, no the LEO told me only if someone in the police report said someone was making a threat. I don't think they would object to a false fire alarm. But from what I am taking from this, LEO's are objecting for liability reasons so if the guy who seemed a danger ends up doing something horrible, at least they said they did everything they could and the omen was on the board. Either way, I think too many here are getting too worked up for nothing. I mean in two months we will all know for sure what is going on but unless you are clearly a deranged person, any lawyer worth his salt will be able to get any denial be it ISP for statute reasons or board, overturned. I mean if you have a valid FOID card and you only got arrested for maybe 1 thing, and even if you never got arrested no convictions, unless they can prove their case by a preponderance of evidence, which has to prove you a danger to others, they will not be able to win in a circuit court. Again the LEO can basically object to any reason even a hunch
  12. Guys, everybody here is overthinking this entire process. A police officer who actually objects to applications at his department basically said they object to any applicant if they had any internal report made on them regardless if the report was false and leave it to the board to decide what to do with it. He basically went on to state once they submit to the board they do not intervene anymore. He said you don't even need to have an arrest for them to object, a simple again police report made on you would have you flagged. That said, worrying about this like crazy is just going to drive yourselves crazy. Just wait until you get the letter if you were denied and/or letter from ISP. A good attorney as long as you don't have any convictions should be able to overturn any objection or denial in circuit court. What I don't understand is I think the statute is quite clear, all a LEO needs is "reasonable suspicion" which could be just a hunch. Hello! What does that tell you? But for them to get you denied by board would need a higher standard which would be difficult to prove unless you had several dealings with cops coming to your house.
  13. The Review Board may contact you they may deem the LEO has no basis and approve your application with no interaction from you. It all depends on what LEO is objecting to and unless LEO can show proof, not just because they don't like you, then they won't be able to go anywhere according to a high level ISP Manager.
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