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  1. Is this the place where I point out that if someone has a FOID, then they are passing a nightly background check. If the FOID is active, running another background check accomplishes nothing. It's almost as if the state is using the additional check as an unnecessary impediment to lawful gun ownership.
  2. Because it's working so well in Illinois. In spite of running a background check on lawful gunowners every night, Illinois is among the worst states for murder and non-negligent homicide. It's almost as if laws restraining legal ownership of firearms is ineffective against criminals...
  3. I keep my FOID in a forward at home. Risk management. If my wallet goes missing for whatever reason I prefer to not lose both the FOID and FCCL. If a police officer is intent on taking me to the station, it is going to happen whether I have my FOID in my possession or not. When I think about this type of situation, I take care of myself and stay within the law, I don't alter my actions because someone else may be an idiot. I find this whole business of society having to cater to the lowest common denomenator distasteful. I simply recognize that there is no shortage of idiots out there and take care of my own businesses.
  4. Is Trame's securement truly: "I can't say that the license shouldn't be issued, but I can't say that it should, either. So I denied it. I'm not sure what the rules are.". WTH? Unless Trame can provide definitive proof that an applicant does not qualify, shouldn't she be required to issue the license? The ISP is part of the executive branch in Illinois. It is disappointing that this type of thing is still going on with a ® in the governor's mansion.
  5. Reckless driving can be a felony, it depends on the state. Speeding tickets or other moving violations have no impact on your credit score.
  6. Applied: 1/18/2014 Prints: Yes Active: 3/22/2014 Postmark: 3/22/2014 Received: 3/26/2014 Location: Cook County
  7. I've read through this entire thread and I've yet to see anyone make the following point. Forgive me if I missed it, the conversation does span 9 pages now. I've seen people reference their own opinions, the intent of WalMart, the intent of ISP and the intent of the Legislature. Frankly, none of these things matter. What a judge interprets the law to say matters. That has the force of law. People are arrested every day by officers only to later have the charges dropped. People go to trial and beat criminal charges. Occasionally, innocent people are convicted of crimes they should not be. Clearly the best outcome for someone is to not be arrested or charged in the first place. While the chances of being arrested, charged and convicted in this situation may be small, the ramifications of such a conviction are enormous. Why would anyone decide to take that risk instead of just speaking with WalMart representatives about their concerns? I don't doubt that criminalizing concealed carry for their customers is NOT the intention of Illinois WalMarts. It has been well documented that WalMart can accomplish their intended goal in a manner that ensures no risk of criminal prosecution for their customers. There isn't a prohibitive cost associated with changing the signs that have gone up. it seems logical to bring this to the attention of WalMart and give them a chance to make a change. Changing the sign is a much better outcome than requiring someone to eventually spend the time, money and resources on beating a criminal charge. Edited because I fat fingered my phone.
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