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  1. The Texas law is bad as is this proposed law. As a few posters above have stated, we saw this coming after the Texas law was passed. Here's to hoping the Texas is eventually found unconstitutional and will prevent similar laws from cropping up.
  2. some ppl it does nothing to......10mg will have questioning the space time continuum. Have a great evening!
  3. EDIBLES.......will eff your life up. It can take up to 2 hours to kick in and is 11 times more psychoactive than smoking. That's what people keep telling me, but I don't have the same response. A few weeks ago I tossed back 60mg of gummies and only felt sleepy after 90 min. No giggles, dry mouth or increased apatite. I hit some vape after that and was feeling good. I've tried them on an empty stomach and with a big meal. No real difference from what I can tell
  4. I've yet to have anything give me paranoia, so I consider myself lucky. Blue Zkittlez has been a favorite of mine lately.
  5. ....I have plenty, not allowed to share tho I'll buy some rec stuff to bring over for the party. You can give that away all you want as long as there is no compensation. It'll be worth the price of admission to see some dudes that smoked it in Nam get couch lock because this stuff is so much more potent.
  6. Put my FOID renewal in today. Sounds like I'll be lucky if I get it back by the end of the year.
  7. I think this might be the video that you're talking about. https://twitter.com/alexiszotos/status/1277607426934616065?s=20
  8. Growing up, I knew a lot of kids in grade school that had FOIDs so it's probably not a bad idea to get one. Plus it bumps up the number of IL gun owners on "paper". If you have a FOID card and are the owner of the guns, you would legally be allowed to take him shooting. Every range that I've been to in Illinois allows FOID card holders to bring a guest to shoot with so I don't think you'd run into any problems with range rules either.
  9. Charleston was posted this morning. I might try to make it back next week to see if it's gone.
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