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  1. Any magazines owned prior to the law (mid 2013) are legal. No way anyone can prove you bought them post-ban (which is required by the law). Of course, any excuse to buy another pistol is a good excuse!
  2. Insignificant. Magazines owned prior to the ban are grandfathered. All but a couple of the County Sheriffs have joined in a lawsuit challenging the new law; they know it's unenforceable and won't bother trying to enforce it. Plus few handgun models have 16+ round mags anyway.
  3. I understand and appreciate the jokes. Even with no mutual recognition, you can travel with a loaded handgun in your vehicle anywhere in CO, no permit required, and you can OC everywhere in CO, also no permit required, except in the People's Democratic Republic of Denver (long story). So come visit and bring your handguns!
  4. You and me both; I am a CO resident. One, and only one, thing must happen for CO to recognize the IL permit of IL residents: IL must recognize the CO permit. That's the only requirement; no reciprocity agreement nor other formal document is required. So it's up to IL to make it happen.
  5. I agree that the text of the law is clear. However recognizing only Hawaii (so far) is not remotely logical. Iliinois has a shall-issue law while Hawaii is may-issue. Any state that is shall-issue is substantially more similar to Illinois than any may-issue state. Having relatives in IL and MI, I am keenly interested in acquiring an IL nonrez permit.
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