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  1. About the same amount of time it's taking On-line ammo dealers to get the message that it's OK to send ammo to IL, Cook County, AND Chicago. How long has it been now? They STILL haven't gotten the message.
  2. Just a note to welcome you to the forum Master Chief! I'm guessing you are former, (Or active... ?), Navy? From a former Corpsman, Welcome! You'll find a lot of good info here.
  3. Don't know if it's normal or not - hard to tell that about most things around here. Welcome to the Forum! I'm working on my next star!
  4. Carry Legally in Illinois Course Will this be on the test???
  5. That's why I said, "Once...". What happened to "B" above? Would it be possible for you to, "Wait", for a couple weeks to see what happens with the bill?
  6. I'm going to start transporting my AR's broken down in addition to being locked. Because like you, when driving to WI ranges, I drive straight through highland park. Maybe I will do the same with my pistols just in case. Again. Once 183 is law, it preempts transportation of ALL FIREARMS for FOID holders.
  7. The 71 votes were because it had the preemption thing in it. Since this will probably have the same, the 71 votes should stand - unless Madigan changes it,,,
  8. Former US Navy Hospital Corpsman
  9. I think they might have a problem with that just because each state can determine which other state's permits they will recognize. Without a national reciprocation, every state could sue every other state which does not accept their particular permit.
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