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  1. Getting rid of AK47's and AR15's won't solve the problem, so let's get rid of all guns. But let's get rid of them anyway.
  2. Typical ... Let's make killing MORE illegal, by taking rights away from people who obey the laws we have now. 🙄
  3. Didn't know IL had a, "Non-Resident". CCL Thought the "Substantially Similar", states were the only ones IL recognized.
  4. Great job at the conference! Please check your messages. It's kind of important ...
  5. Thank you Molly. Know that you are still appreciated for this and everything else you do.
  6. Didn't I hear that all FOID holders are checked every 24 hours or so?
  7. It's my understanding that it also does not apply to any FOID card holders.
  8. Thanks! I was wondering why I didn't feel all that , "Victorious" about the decision. Good start for sure, but not final yet.
  9. The best explanation yet! Also, here is a link to an old Penn & Teller clip on the 2nd. WARNING!!! This is an, "F" word Warning for the end of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4zE0K22zH8
  10. Thank you for posting this! I knew That Hawaii had stupid gun laws, but had no idea they were THAT stupid! Maybe Hawaii should be moved to California ... So this sounds like it is good news!
  11. Thanks! I wonder how good I am to go... Still needs to go, "ACTIVE", correct?
  12. My "Inspect", thingy says, "element SUBMITTED, QC_VERIFIED, APPROVED" . What does this mean? (Submitted Renewal 3 March 2020) I hate when they put some things in BOLD when it may or may not mean anything.
  13. It's possible the card was sent and lost in the mail or it could be the skeleton crew running the FOID Dept. and printer. The ISP suggests you contact them if you have not received your FOID within 30 days of going active. Please update us at that time and if it still has not appeared, we may have options available. Looks like he tried that already...
  14. Then traveling back with ammo would mean you are committing a crime but an out of state resident going to your home with some ammo is perfectly ok. Talk about the lack of equal protection. ^ this *** Why would you be committing a crime if you bought some ammo in Indiana and brought it home to IL?
  15. Isn't there a lawsuit about this? If not what are they waiting for? All of those shops forced to close because of excessive fees and regulations HAS to be something to sue about.
  16. To me, it sort of looks like pingpong 45 and OneLink Healthcare could be one in the same. I think it is a big coincidence that they both joined the forum within a few days of each other, and OneLink just happens to have the remedy for the OPs problem. WOW! It's a miracle. (Just my opinion based on cursory observations.)
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