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  1. http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/fulltext.asp?DocName=043000650K3 Thank you both for that information.
  2. This is good advice. I would also think that, since I'm not an FFL, I won't be producing records for anyone without an attorney present.
  3. If this happened to me (and I also do not live in Cook County) I would certainly be filing a police report under the assumption that this was some form of law enforcement impersonation scam. If an out-of-jurisdiction police agency showed up at my door when I was home I'd call 911.
  4. That's what my research indicates. At that point you can start working on tougher places but it's state by state.
  5. Got mine today! I've been carrying for years outside IL on my UT and FL permits, but it will still be an adjustment from "carrying while traveling" to "carrying every day." It's nice to be in the United States while at home.
  6. Got my cards today. Very timely delivery, especially considering how busy the postal service is. Very slick, very professional-looking, and feel good in the hand. I will have no qualms about giving these to my students or to owners of posted businesses.
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