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  1. Just saw my first No Gun sign in our little town here is Palestine Peg N Reds 212 S. Main St. has a sign on there front door, and I thing that the new Drug store that opened Monday will be posted as there Store in Oblong is. Looks like they don't want my Business.
  2. Would be nice if Congress would pass a Law like our Driver license were if your state had CCW you could carry in any stated
  3. If you look at how many have foid cards and how many has got a FCCL there is around 43% That's not to bad for not even a year
  4. Eagle Theater in Robinson is Posted its not on the first doors but the second set as you go in
  5. congrat to the ones that got there Send mine in on 1/12 so might have couple more weeks to wait
  6. 0ur Wal Mart has no smoking signs on all the door did not see any no Guns. So far here is Crawford County My banks not posted, was had the Hospital its not posted no Gas stations or Restaurants
  7. Had the CCW got the posted today Thanks for the best App. I have for my IPhone
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