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  1. If you rob a grocery store with a toy gun, isn't that still an armed robbery? These 2 high-dollar lawyers should keep their mouths shut and rely on the castle doctrine. If they're saying the guns weren't operational/loaded, that actually weakens their case in my eyes. If they were truly in fear of their lives, they weren't meeting lethal force with lethal force. They may not have had the duty to retreat but that was the far better option vs. brandishing props. Maybe they're foils in a bid to sabotage the castle doctrine?
  2. Not a lie. It's the listener's fault if they couldn't see the hand up the puppet's butt.
  3. Looks like the local DA is looking for their scalps: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/a-st-louis-prosecutor-is-investigating-whether-the-white-couple-pointing-guns-at-black-lives-matter-protesters-from-their-mansion-broke-the-law/ar-BB167vsI No word from the DA on trespassing & destruction of private property complaints.
  4. I thought Madigan was like a political vampire: you can see him and hear him, but you can't record is image or voice.
  5. It does appear they are closing in on him (as if he’s the target) and doing it carefully. Fingers crossed I wonder if fatso is cooperating with the feds JB doesn't seem like a stand-up guy. The tax pressure is just a little squeeze to let the fat boy know he's got skin in the game. Those tax charges would be state/local, not federal. That squeeze is coming from his buddies in Crook County.
  6. Also, buying from a widow is better than the crapshoot you sometimes take when buying a gun. She isn't selling because of any flaw with the gun.
  7. Got mine. I'm in Naperville. Church tonight and then the Wally Walk .
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