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  1. Bass Pro has their own set of rules as how to apply the 72 hr. waiting period that don't necessarily follow the ISP rules.Back in Sept I had to make a 1 hr. drive twice to pick up a firearm purchase because they didn't understand the law.The counter person understood,it but their policy is not in accordance with what IL law says in certain ways.
  2. Back in 2016 I got t-boned while driving my truck and most of the contents from the front and back of the truck wound up in the road when the tailgate and pass. door opened.Luckily I had my pistol holstered.I always have it holstered in my vehicles just because of that incident.I even have shoulder holsters or cross draw holsters for longer drives.The Stoker car holsters looks o.k. though I wish it had a snap closure option instead of a magnet.
  3. I agree it is unclear.I am pulling my info from https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/78184-hb562-foid-modernization-act-complilation-of-changes/ ,1st post synopsis of changes,that's where I saw the reporting requirement .Also from the FOID act on the ISP websitehttps://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=1657&ChapterID=39.Those sources seem to state it pretty clearly.Then I am also reading all different interpretations of what I am reading on those two sources.That's why I was asking for clarification in my origInal question
  4. Going through an FFL private sale begins in 2024. Since posting my earlier question ,I went and read the most recent version of the act and it already states this reporting requirement for private sales.I knew it was in the original bill,but didn't know it made it into the act until now. ETA. (b) Any person within this State who transfers or causes to be transferred any firearm, stun gun, or taser shall keep a record of such transfer for a period of 10 years from the date of transfer. Any person within this State who receives any firearm, stun gun, or taser pursuant to subsection (a-10) shall provide a record of the transfer within 10 days of the transfer to a federally licensed firearm dealer and shall not be required to maintain a transfer record. The federally licensed firearm dealer shall maintain the transfer record for 20 years from date of receipt Somehow this slipped by me until now.
  5. So along with the changes to the FOID card,as of 1/1/2022 the recipient in a private firearm transaction must report it to an FFL within 10 days for record keeping.Correct?
  6. In the latest issue of the Illinois Shooter the ISRA stated that they were not only neutral on the removal of exp. dates on cards,but that they supported it.
  7. One reason that's being used, for the ammo purchase check I'm told is because in the past if they revoked your FOID and you didn't surrender it and they couldn't find you,or just didn't try, you couldn't make LEGAL gun purchases because your FOID would fail as being revoked.But if the expiration date on the card was still in the future,you could still be able to buy ammo at a retail location because the card was still valid at face value.This is supposed to fix this I'm told. I am not saying this logic is good,just passing along what I had told to me today.Just wait until the system crashes because of "higher than normal demand" and nobody can buy anything FOID related.Waiting periods on ammo can't be too far away.
  8. Another thing to explain to online ammo sellers.Or just tell them it doesn't expire.Hmmm...
  9. I really wish that were true, but I think that monkeys would fly out of my butt first. I know,but it's a 40+ year old dream I've been having.Abolishing the system I mean,not the monkeys flying stuff.
  10. Good.I hope the courts order the 30 day limit to be enforced.Then the ISP says or proves that it can't be done.Then the courts finally abolish the whole system.
  11. Just received my cards.Very nice cards that ought to get the point across.Got here fast too.
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