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  1. Yes, people do have a choice, but I find it laughable calling it freedom buying from an enemy nation. Let them keep supporting those that wish to do us harm. Pay day will be upon us.
  2. Yes I agree. Most gun owners are reactionary. Only a few are pushing for freedom. In my opinion Trump wasn't a 2A fan. Sure he got close to the NRA which made great television, but their a joke too. We'll need a real 2A President to remove the ban. Russia will never meet its four conditions.
  3. That should have been I do my best not to. Maybe the Taliban will sell real US military ammo to gun owners cheap. Might include free death to America stickers. Any buyers?
  4. I don't my best not to. People in here are crazy. Freedom this and that...y'all also say vote with your dollars.... wonderful! I just doubt people do. Most people buy to save a dollar. If that means buying from a communist country they will. This ban is also useless in this global economy. All Tulammo and everyone else has to do is export from Russia to elsewhere and then send it here. Some of these Russian companies produce in other countries...great export from there. Problem solved.
  5. I really don't care. Why would you want to support Russia? People here saying their pro American and this hurts gun owners... Hog wash! Is Russia pro America? A great friend and ally? Heck no. If Iran produced cheap ammo you could get, would you buy it? Go buy PMC before the North Koreans invade. Doubtful Biden would come to their aid.
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