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  1. So you had to pay for the FOID renewal, as did I, there are many posts in this thread who state they did not, as usual there is confusion p.
  2. It is amazing, according to different posts, some people paid for the FOID renewal and some did not.....
  3. Last question first, yes you will need to submit a photo with your renewal certificate. I'm sorry, I'm not clear on your other concerns.
  4. On 6/9 I did the renewal for my CCL, the portal states it is under renewal, on 6/23 I received not 1 but 2 identical letters from the ISP that my CCL is due for renewal.
  5. More to the story,after I applied for renewal of the FOID & CCL the portal shows my FOID expires June 14, 2033 CCL is under review. Today June 20, 2023 I get a letter from the ISP stating, ISP records indicate that your current FOID card is scheduled to expire on 6/14/2033 (YES 2033). To avoid any interruption in the Validity of the FOID card, you are encouraged to submit renewal....yadda yadda... any thoughts on this?
  6. I guess I made the mistake of renewing my FOID separately, o well it's an honor to donate $11.00 to our wonderful state.
  7. I checked the portal, my FOID was renewed to 6/2033. CCL is still “under review”.
  8. Can you confirm that the new card does or does not have any date on it?
  9. I did the CCL first, then I noticed the FOID. FYI, I applied on 6/9, they both show “under review”.
  10. When I applied for renewal on 6/9 the renewal button was active on both the FOID and CCL so I applied and paid both the $10.00 for the FOID and the $150.00 plus fees for the CCL. My cc was charged.
  11. At my last renewal class, which was in April 2023, the instructor said the renewal certificate was good for 1 year.
  12. I like the microchip idea, harder to forget.
  13. So in 5yrs, when the CCLexpires and is renewed, you keep the same card and the portal has the dates?
  14. I received 2 emails, my FOID and CCL are due for renewal. I have the combination card with no exp date on it. The portal shows that they both expire on the same date. Will the Renewed card have any dates, since the FOID is 10yrs and the CCL 5yrs.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the replies. So going forward will there be a expiration date on the CCL card or you have to go to the portal?
  16. I have the combination CCL &FOID it has no expiration date. On the portal it shows they both expire on the same date, I have taken the CCLrenewal class, when the time comes do I need to apply for renewal on both the CCL and the FOID?
  17. I’ve had the same thing happen several times, I checked the box and it always came the next day.
  18. When they issued your Renewed CCL they matched up your FOID #, but it still expires on the original date.
  19. Has anyone been to the new Melody Farm shopping area in Vernon Hills, any word on signs?
  20. If it is taking this long now, how are they going to handle the massive influx of renewals that will be coming soon?
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