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  1. The last two days I haven't been able to get into any of ''Firearms" categories on the ISP website. Anybody else having this problem? Renewal 3/4/2019 Expiration 4/13/2019 Status unknown. Still under review a week ago.
  2. Out the front. I've never had an expensive knife. Is a $200 knife that much better than one for $50 or is it kind of like red wine? Better, but mainly an extravagance?
  3. I received seven pieces of mail yesterday and the sixth letter was from the ISP. It was here! Rather than do the WM walk, I drank a large pour of red wine and watched hockey all night. This morning I got dressed and slipped my PPK into my AG holster. It felt pretty heavy, on my shoulders anyway. This wasn't an extension of my love for Westerns. This is real. In the words of the roll sergeant on Hill Street Blues, "Be safe out there". 1/5, no prints, active 4/13, arrived 4/16, Cook County.
  4. Needed some new blue jeans, so off to WM I went. They have jeans with a stretch waist that supposedly will stretch two sizes, which sounds perfect for the days when you want to IWB carry. Didn't have my size though and was wondering if anybody has tried them?
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