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  1. I only ask because the Illinois State police firearms division said that you only need to take a renewal class. Regardless…. But I was under the impression if you let it expire totally you have to take the whole class again.
  2. Just like the title says. If a person totally lets their concealed carry license expire do they have to take the whole class again? Or just a three hour renewal??
  3. How does the Illinois State Police expect older people who “don’t do” cell phones to complete this?
  4. When setting up an account you do not get any option except to call 217——-. again this is the only way to apply. Which is not a big deal except you have to spend eight hours or more in the phone. If they even pick up and don’t drop your call.
  5. So each individual has to call And actually talk to someone? Or set up an email and wait for an email verification?
  6. OK it’s been almost 4 weeks. What is going to be the resolution of this? Spend days on the phone trying to get through to get a Foid or CCW????
  7. I have a stack of them I’ve been sitting on for two weeks. Still can’t get into any single one of them. Foid or CCW. Renewal or initial.
  8. I know of NO ONE that has gotten through! I am being inidated with calls from students wanting to know what is going on and how to apply. People have sat on the phone for hours just to get hung up on or never get through. One gentleman said he spent 6 hours, several said 2 or 3. I spend 4 on the phone yesterday while driving for a trip. Senator Terri Bryant's office said they are having the same problem. The ISP won't answer her calls. But finally got back to her and said yes their is a "slight glitch"! This is way more than a slight glitch. If this continues, it is a total denial of rights!! So you can't get a FOID or CCW without calling he ISP.....and the they NEVER answer their phones??!!! The 217-782-7980 number was disconnected this morning. Its working now....and I am sitting here on hold for 2.5 hours.
  9. I am an instructor and have for years helped people that can’t manage or don’t own a computer with their applications, renewals, and Foid cards. Starting Monday of last week I can no longer set up a username and password of anyone. Every time I try to set up an account it says you have to call the ISP phone number to verify the account. For two days it said the number was out of service when you called. . And since Wednesday of last week you can spend hours on the phone and never get through. What is going on???!!!!
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