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  1. My ISRA membership was up for renewal in July of 2021. I did not renew my membership and let the ISRA know that I am very unhappy with their helping the Democrats push through the latest legislation that targets lawful firearm owners.
  2. I applied online to renew my FOID, on September 1, 2021, and a new FOID was issued on September 7, 2021. I received the new FOID in the mail on September 13, 2021. I am the 5th person in the group of retired guys I run with who renewed their FOID card since March of 2021 and the longest it took anyone to get their new FOID was 22 days. We all had to submit fingerprints electronically when we applied for either a FCCL or FCCL Instructor certification. Maybe the new system pushes the applications through more quickly when electronic fingerprints are on file.
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