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  1. My opinion, which means nothing. Bailey is the best choice for the second amendment. Period. End of story. However you need to win every county minus Cook to win. And we all know that winning the collar counties is what matters and in particular the suburban mom vote. The abortion issue I feel is critical to winning those collar counties. So far Bailey stated in the debates that he doesn't support tax payer abortion and only believes it's acceptable when the mothers life is in jeopardy. I believe this will hurt him if he goes against Prizker. So far I'm when asked about Roe v Wade leak Irvin stated he won't comment on a leak and he is waiting for the opinion of the court to come out. He is choosing his words very carefully. We have had a Republican Gov with Rauner 4 years ago and I believe we can have one again. But Rainer's opinion on abortion was that he personally didn't like it, but he believed in pro choice and he wasn't going to change Illinois laws regarding it. Numerous factors probably helped Rauner has well. Pat Quinn was an idiot and Obama was in his final 2 years and the majority of people were tired of the democratic b.s. Rauner wins. And I know Rauners sucked but he at least veto the gun dealer bill. There are many factors now that may help us in the general election as well. Thanks to Biden, if gas prices and inflation keep rising this will help us tremendously. BUT this is Illinois. The majority of the population believes abortion is a right. If Bailey wins the primary and continues to be anti abortion he is going to probably lose one collar county, be it Dupage, Lake or Will and the election is over. I could very well be wrong and I hope I am. Or Bailey is careful with his view on abortion and that will help him and give him a good fighting chance. Since Irvin kinda danced around the answer he probably won't give a real answer on abortion until after the primary if he wins. All speculation, but if Irvin says he is pro choice or believes in a woman's right to choose he could beat prizker(if Irwin is anti abortion he will lose to JB). If Bailey wins primary and sticks to his anti abortion opinion he will lose to JB. Again I hope I'm wrong and Because I want Bailey as Governor myself. (Revoke the foid and legalize suppressors!) for the record I hate abortions as well but the Moms in the collar counties are pro choice. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything in the post regarding Irvin or Bailey's opinion on abortion/roe v wade)
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