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  1. It's awesome ! A big smiling happy face, not a scowling, bloodthirsty 'Kill em All' look in thee least. My compliments, sir !
  2. Paypal sent for $160. I can pick it up from Molly when it gets shipped down. We'll go with what we have if needed, but having reviewed a draft, we like what we see. Having Massad Ayoob's approval....although I don't agree with everything he says.... is a very nice touch.
  3. Be very cautious, the footnote to Paragraph 22 states, in part, "...neither the Firearms Concealed Carry Act nor the amended AUUW statute is at issue in this case." Paragraph 21 is powerful though.
  4. Sidewinder, kudos for all your labor. I know you put a ton of work in on this. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. JJ
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