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  1. New Governor, and director of ISP? No change....and I am engage on the topic directly with good representation to augment my own efforts....if its there its hiding.
  2. The process to appeal a FOID revocation takes 2.5 to 3 years unless something has changed radically and quietly.
  3. And sausage. Don't forget the sausage. Uggh....that is post#5000.....I am going to shoot you with my Gecko 45....in case some of you haven't seen the famous firearm... http://i1348.photobucket.com/albums/p725/Beecher_Tool/Gecko45_zps8954202c.jpg
  4. This is like shooting fish in a barrel..at least we should give Molly post #5000....how bout it Count?
  5. I am hoping the horseradish root is in chewable pieces or this is going to get ugly
  6. Horses are fun...on a calliope...particularly with organ music.
  7. TRJ.....I think we found your calling...to become a regional HR VP for Walmart.....based out of Mississippi
  8. On a more serious note has everyone seen the update that the 2 year old that shot his mother got her gun out of a zippered gun pocket http://www.dallasnews.com/news/local-news/20141231-boy-in-idaho-shooting-unzipped-special-purse-gun-pocket.ece ?
  9. While we are looking for trivia....does Walmart permit zombies in most of their stores?
  10. I wouldn't call it a tradition as there isn't a snowball's chance I would ever participate but.....its always amusing to go to Waukegan and watch the polar plunge....why anyone in their right mind would jump into Lake Michigan in this weather is beyond me.
  11. At least in my recent experience the camera in the iPhone 6Plus is good enough that if it doesn't do the job I borrow my brother's Nikon D3 which he uses for medical stuff...and that is insane....check out the new phones. The phone is around 8 megapixels...I don't even know the specs on the camera but it is mind blowing.
  12. Well...I am not sure if it counts as a fun tradition but..I usually spend the day putting together engagement letters and invoices for tax returns.....and start my email with "there are two things that are inevitable.....if you are reading this..you made it to 2015....so the other certainty is 2014 taxes" nothing like starting the year with news to brighten a person's mood....
  13. The only stuff that is worth the effort is paregoric......otherwise known as camphorated tincture of opium.....that and purple koolaid and you have purple drank
  14. Gabel Biss It doesn't get much worse.....save for Lou Lang and he is just one town west.
  15. Thank you.....there is some logic to that...particularly since it involves the Federal prohibitions associated with the Lautenberg Amendment from 1997.
  16. Can you elaborate on what the underlying basis for the revocation falls into that category?
  17. Just to clarify...are you indicating that they won't entertain an appeal, or that once an appeal has been denied they won't grant an administrative hearing. The concern I am thinking about is that the first step in the process of having an administrative appeal which is a precursor step to application for an administrative hearing can take up to two years. The problem that is created, is that during the pendency of the Administrative Appeal, you can't pursue the matter in Circuit Court and the Illinois Attorney General will seek to have the proceeding dismissed due to a failure to exhaust administrative remedies.
  18. Ohhh! I get it. I had no idea initially. You expect us to believe that???
  19. Ok...I assume the dentist filled his cavities...and then started working on his teeth.
  20. Any thoughts is that a win, lose or draw.....I am guessing its somewhat of a tie...now that the ruling is out would be curious to better understand what was the remedy which was sought?
  21. Its standard now that when you add a discipline with NRA for $20 it extends your renewal on everything.....for those of use with 10 or better disciplines its a real savings and hassle reduction.
  22. Sorry to tell you that the appeals process for denied and revoked FOIDs is BRUTAL...it will take fifteen to eighteen months after you submit the appeal..and then if they deny and you have to file for an administrative hearing it is going to take an additional eighteen months.....unless it is a case of mistaken identity the ISP is horrible to deal with on FOID appeals....trust me I have expertise with it.
  23. I also think that the act of applying for an FCCL could cause them to look more carefully at his record and that could get his FOID yanked....it has happened to several people that I am aware of that had FOIDs...applied for CCLs.....got denied for a CCL and got their FOID revoked at the same time.
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