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  1. It would seem that the biggest factor in this "slow, retrograde attack" (read as a slow retreat) may be the fact that the commissioners have been named personally in Federal lawsuits. The Commissioners just might not be all that confident in the quality of the representation they get from Lisa's office and are looking for a way out. It looks like the "way out" is the see how far from a Star Chamber they have to retreat before the lawsuits slow down. Thus they offer a second look after a determination of a maybe sustainable objections with ten days from the date of a notice. When that doesn't turn off the suits they offer 15 days from receipt of the notice (almost doubling the actual time) and I hope people still reject that ridiculously short time. Fair, would be an immediate notification of an objection with 30 days to respond (and longer if requested to gather necessary material) and a right to personally present evidence unless good cause can be shown why such a hearing is not possible, a right to confront and rebut witnesses and a rule requiring a disclosure of all material submitted supporting an objection before action is taken. You know, something approaching a reasonable concept of due process. Right now it is still trial by ambush. No way to treat a denial of a fundamental personal right.
  2. In a perfect world.... "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would be a department at Walmart"....
  3. I have a philosophical problem with any number of "arrests"/ "charges" be a disqualifier without some more objective criteria. From a legal standpoint, if the ISP or some police agency wants to have an applicant denied for something short of a conviction for a felony involving violence I believe they need to do so in open court with at least civil burden of the preponderance of the evidence before a judge or even a jury. We are talking about a constitutional guaranteed right. Right now some of these denials are a "joke". Rumor, innuendo, spite, who knows what all is involved. Try to enjoin the exercise of free speech and see how that goes without some serious "evidence". We should not be willing to accept anything less. Think outside the box...we are not "sheeple".... we do not need the "Kings" permission to defend ourselves.
  4. SCOTUS has apparently denied cert on all three pending gun cases... http://www.scotusblog.com/ Disappointing
  5. It's like school yard BS..... nanananana... I don't like you (or what you are doing...applying for a permit) so I am going to tell mom on you... I am waiting to see the percentage of rejects from the Board.
  6. My impression is that the applicant is not afforded an opportunity to supplement the information forwarded to the Review Board so that it is a totally one sided review.... Am I correct?
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