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  1. wasn't it discussed before that the executor of his will would be able to transfer without legal violations?
  2. does minor having FOID provide any procedural benefits for estate inheritance? Suppose you die and your firearms become part of your estate, would the executor of your estate have easier time transferring the items to your child if they had a FOID vs not?
  3. what ID did you need for him? I tried to do my daughter...but ISP website asking for a DL.....she's not even 5
  4. you can't legally carry a concealed handgun as a civilian on public transportation under IL's CCL laws. "Concealed firearm" means a loaded or unloaded handgun carried on or about a person completely or mostly concealed from view of the public or on or about a person within a vehicle. he has transported the firearm abiding to FOID regulations. encased and unloaded.
  5. are we really going to make a world record walmart thread/ over NINETHOUSAND!!!
  6. yup. i got my new FOID about a week before the CCL. getting an envelope from ISP is all exciting...and then a big letdown.
  7. man this is my local walmart. really hit close to home. good thing i wasn't anywhere around.
  8. once your new FOID is processed (not mailed), your old FOID # is invalidated and will not pass the FOID check on the ISP website. i know cause i was going to buy a gun but the CCW application was already processing when i wanted to purchase and the FOID check came back "could not validate"
  9. would it matter? i've taken international visitors shooting. even at gun ranges, they just show a foreign passport for ID, and we go shooting. besides, it's private property.
  10. holy crap!! submitted 4/13 with prints and an address change ACTIVE 5/14!!!!
  11. so with my FOID getting "pseudo invalidated" does this mean that i won't get a verifiable FOID until my CCL approves? 90 days out? i was wanting to do a private transfer today. does the ISP hotline's do a verbal verification or something if I have the seller call them? does that work legality wise for a private transaction?
  12. Has anyone else seen this? I was just doing a private transfer today and my food that I just did address change and CCL is now showing up not found on ISP check website. I'm gonna have to call ISP first thing tomm. Anyone know an insider track to find out what's going on. Is my foid still valid??
  13. but banking is an organization intended to maximize profit and minimize cost. state agencies are organization that's non profit and run by people nominated to who make the constituents "feel good"
  14. hiring a contractor one time to make it more efficient means that state employees won't be paid to do the job manually. and what politician is going to say no to creating gov jobs?
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