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  1. depends on how much you want to spend. If money is no object then the mark 7 is a good choice. Having said that it is very expensive and has the least amount of information on how to set it up out there now. It is a very nice press however. The Dillon 750 is a very good press at a fair price and has a lot of information on it available for setup. Basic difference is number of stations and if you want to swage the primmer pockets when reloading. PM me your contact info and I can give you the lowdown on what would work for you best. I have an automated 650 and a Mark 7 evolution. It is hard to get presses right now so dont expect to get is quick even if you order right away.
  2. If you get the ccw app I talked about in the thread it can tell you where you can carry as long as you put in your permits correctly. For example out of state FL permit vs in state FL permit.
  3. Yes lock the ammo up in factory containers or cases meant for ammo storage. Yes the firearms go into a locked container and you have to declare them at the counter. The plastic container goes into a checked bag. The checked bag does not have to be locked. They will fill out a form that goes into the baggage. Make sure the firearms are unloaded and use a hard plastic lockable case. Once they give you the form to put in the bag they walk you over to TSA or direct you there and they may inspect the firearm but in general will just x-ray it and you are done. Go to the ticket counter to declare it that is where they have the forms. There is a CCW carry app called "CCW" that lists all the local laws and carry restrictions by state and lists where you are permitted to carry by the permits you have. You can load this on a smart phone and it can actually pull up the local laws in detail as well as a summery of what you can and cant do. It is no big deal at Ohare to get a firearm checked in at all just give yourself a little extra time in case there is a line at the counter. Ohare checked bag time limit is 45 minutes before the gate call. Give at least 1hr and 5 minutes before your gate time and you should be good. They have never asked for FOID or CCW but make sure you have them. Picking up the gun depends on who you fly American used to put a stupid there is a gun in this suitcase sticker and would make you pick it up at the baggage office. United has never done that to me and I have no idea how the others do it. Each airline has restrictions on how much ammo you can bring check it before you take to much with you. It works out on untied to be around 400 rounds or so.
  4. Square deal is going to be a problem with any glock bulged 9mm only takes dillon dies which do not do a resize far enough down. Would recommend at least a 550 and if you are going to do a 550 might as well do a 750. Only other advise I have is find someone you know who is very knowledgeable on reloading you will need help no matter which press up front. I also would recommend that you get a friend with a chrono only way to be sure what you are loading is safe.
  5. Hold on what the heck is going on here? The 2nd amendment does not say you have to be good with a gun it says you have the right to defend yourself with a gun. At least they had guns to defend themselves and I am pretty sure they where glad they did. So I say put your finger wherever you want they did not end up shooting anybody so good job in my book (best case outcome). The level of hypocrisy is amazing to me on this topic. Really a bunch of people who appear to be a mob shows up at your house and what is it you would expect to have happen. Invite them in for cookies? I could care less what their politics and wealth status is they used the 2nd amendment as intended, under MO law which has a castle doctrine which allows them to defend property as well as life legally. I applaud the level of guts it took to stand up to that mob which our politicians have had just about zero ability to protect us from. Have we not realized that this makes our point entirely for why the right to own firearms needs to be protected when the police will not show up to do anything. Please think about the bigger picture here and try to put yourselves in the shoes of the people this happened to. It is very easy to say you would do the perfect thing but I have serious doubts that most people on this forum would react any better then these people did. I don't know that I would react any better or worse but I know better then to think I would from my basement on the internet. Surprise and unexpected events change anybodies plans to the point of failure. Having a general plan is a good thing but it all kind of starts out with have a gun and goes south from there. I have said this before and will say it again. Nothing good happens after the gun comes out period! Less bad things can happen which is about the best outcome! Guns do not make you have an energy shield that protects you from violence. If enough people are strongly motivated to hurt or kill you they will do it. The gun makes it less likely that they will be strongly motivated that is it nothing more. I have no intent to direct this post at anyone in particular just at everyone in general. Really think through what you would do if a surprise ambush happens to you? I really don't think it will go the way you imagine because the important part of the previous sentence is the word surprise.
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