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  1. So, at the current speed of government, sometime after Election Day? Ed, are you still denied/.?
  2. Please share the names of the cronies' stores. Just a theory, mikew. Once the existing stores and FFL's are shuttered, cronies may be the ones who benefit. What usually follows prohibition, Walmart-style price wars, over-regulation? Is Madigan so principled he wouldn't make money off of firearms anyway possible? You are free to entertain and repeat your Far-fetched conspiracy theory.
  3. Yes. The crony FFL's won't have the new law enforced on them while the law is strictly enforced on non-cronies. When the competition is out of business the cronies get more money by raising their prices. When only cronies get enriched, then the law becomes like the state statute against adultery - it simply won't be enforced at all (and the entire regulatory apparatus is just filled with cronies who don't work anyway by then) This same pattern goes for any regulation or law on the books. They won't enforce it in a way to make cronies' costs go up. Anyone care to name such a crony FFL?
  4. When the last drug store or grocery in a Chicago neighborhood closes, and CTA to the nearest store involves a transfer from one bus to another, it's a "desert" situation and generates a lot of hand-wringing media attention. Never mind that the parent company couldn't afford to keep the store open. We'll have FFL deserts in IL soon.
  5. You gotta wonder at what would happen if we could get the anti's to have a social media war with each other. "Shannon threw shade on my wear orange day, she's beijn' a b-i-double_t-c-h"
  6. What we want does not always line up with what we get. Yes, Wilson is an important second amendment case, and how it got where it is now is a different narrative. Yes, the courts should hear all cases the way we want them heard, and when. "-) And, FYI, Mr Wilson is a member here.
  7. I'm not quite sure, but look at some of the other cases. Wilson v Cook County. That has been going on for almost a decade. McDonald v Chicago: Filed in June of 2008, ruled on by SCOTUS in June of 2010; Moore v Madigan: Filed in May of 2011, decided in Dec 2012, with an additional decree in Feb 2013 Shepard v Madigan, later combined with Moore, was also filed in 2011. Wilson is another circumstance. It was a state case, but has been refiled as a Federal case.
  8. There is the problem. 2nd amendment cases should be heard and decided upon immediately. How long did McDonald v Chicago take? Moore v Madigan?
  9. I don't use their bags. In fact, I don't use the disposable shopping bags at all if I can help it. I'm not an eco-wacko, I just don't think that shredded walmart bags clinging to trees and fences is an appropriate midwest replacement for Spanish Moss. I have my own super bags, but I usually don't bag in the store, sometimes I bag stuff from the cart to the van. This sometimes causes a stir when I try to leave the store with a cart full of goods, receipt in hand.
  10. That would be 1969-ish? I think I might have a FOID card from 1982. What became your card was one corner of the application. If you completed the form in your own handwriting, your FOID card had your own handwriting.
  11. I like Aguila, once you get past the smell of the Eley primer. 333 and 555: I don't really care for "just pour them all into a bucket" [or box] packaging. YMMV.
  12. That walmart is in land annexed by Addison, which bans retail firearms and ammo sales. That was before Ezell-II, maybe before Ezell-I Post-Ezell, it just sits there like that. Is it a big enough of a deal for Walmart to act on it? Good Question. Bolingbrook Walmart does not sell firearms or ammo, and not because of a local ordinance, IIRC. It was prodding from the "community" when the store opened. [looking for a cite] [can't find a cite]
  13. My brother was in town the other day and we went to the Thai restaurant near my niece's apartment. I had the beef salad. I thought about the bat.
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