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  1. For several reasons, I've decided to host a youth firearms safety and awareness seminar. I'll probably make it a couple hours or so. This will be a non-shooting course. My goal is to give some education on firearms safety, functionality, and awareness concerning the dangers of illegal guns and misuse. I may even enlist the help of our local SA's office and a medical professional who've seen firearms injuries. This will be a free seminar. I can't find a curriculum to purchase, so I'm doing one from scratch. My question is: where can I find decent resources for such a seminar?
  2. I went ahead and did it, event though I hadn't notified the state in previous years. Until now, I've simply made sure I was aware of my expiration date and updated the credentials before they expired.
  3. Is there a location where we can purchase this in person? Or is delivered via mail only?
  4. I have a cousin who happened to be in Springfield recently. He stopped at ISP headquarters and got help applying for his CCL renewal. I guess that's the quicker option for people close enough to the capitol.
  5. I'm assuming this is regarding the "registration is pending" error? I've sure ran into it myself
  6. This was a lot to skim through, especially on a cell phone. So bare with me if the answer to my question is already stated above. But.... What about what about record expungements and sealing? Whwtever the crime leading to the denial/Revocation was is eligible to to be expunged/sealed unless it was animal cruelty, sex crimes, DUI, or domestic violence. Not living in Illinois will void the foid and ISP. And an expunged record shouldn't be flagged in the NICS, right? Not sure about sealed records...
  7. Lucky for him it was in 2017, so he's gonna try again next year
  8. I know a guy who got a denial letter due to a 2017 DUI... which goes to show how JUST ONE DUI within 5 years preceding the date of the application, will get most people denied due to the fact that in the vast majority of DUI cases, the offender will go through some sort of court-ordered treatment. I've never seen one that didn't. Some people get so caught up in the whole "not more than one DUI" part, that they forget about the court ordered treatment for the one they got.
  9. I was doing some research online and read that gun rights arent automatically restored after a felony has been expunged. Anybody know about this? Or is it just an "apply and see what happens" thing?
  10. Is there anything a person whose felonies have been expunged or sealed needs to do to obtain a FOID or ccl?
  11. I found this through research on behalf of several other people. How would they go about appealing or petitioning the courts?
  12. I've looked at the sign in my city several times and it definitely states that it only applies to on duty employees and contractors/distributers. Remember the concealed carrier on black Friday a year or so ago? He was punched by a rude customer infected by the mob mentality. After the punch, he drew his weapon. Walmart did not address this as a violation of the store's policy....
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