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  1. Bump... I've called ISP and I'm 'scheduled for a callback' but it's been weeks since my first call. Is there anything else I can do in the mean time? I really don't want to risk my CCL getting revoked for not updating my FOID address when the state has made it impossible for me to do it
  2. Any idea what I can do from here? I tried calling ISP but was on hold forever. Does anyone actually answer the phone there?
  3. I just renewed my CCL and updated my address during the process. When I went to update the address on my FOID, it already showed the updated address and won't let me pay for a new card with my updated address. Do I need to get a new FOID card with my new address? Do I wait until my FOID is up for renewal? I want to make sure I'm compliant with everything and don't want my CCL renewal to get rejected. Thanks in advance!
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