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  1. Who remembers what US TAXPAYERS had to fork out to win the "OTIS Mc DONALD" case.
  2. I am waiting to see what the 7th has to say about ALL of the restrictions that have been added or still are on the books across the state.
  3. Hazelcrest passed the same ban the same day Homewood did. Has anyone followed up on Hazelcrest?
  4. We should remember who NOT to vote for next time. Lots of folks are showing their TRUE colors now.
  5. We will have troops at Palos and Dolton. Thanks for notifying us and keep up the excellent work. Not sure if you like those green bottles but if you do I will definitely cover you at IGOLD. You have earned some.
  6. Neither Homewood or Hazelcrest have HOME RULE. When my son worked in Homewood on the 11-7 AM shift he was told that if the owner gave permission he could have a firearm PRESENT. Local LEOs said Homewood was a very gun friendly community. I also had conversations with well placed LEOs (not the political one) and they also agreed. Then out of the blue BANG.
  7. I have a small army just waiting. Homewood was the first to pass a law. Now we have to find a way to have it repealed.
  8. "The court then gave the state Legislature 180 days to craft a new law with "reasonable limitations." It is now up to the STATE LEGISLATURE to craft a law that will have EVERY resident of the state armed if they meet certain REASONABLE qualifications and wish to. Spell the language out in such a way that Chicago AND Crook county can NOT cry home rule and get away with it. . What applies to Cairo or Sangamon County also equally applies to Chicago and Crook county.
  9. If the new law is written correctly HOME RULE will not be an option for anywhere in the state. The ruling said FOR THE STATE IIRC. Tod and the boys and girls have an advantage in that they can look at 49 other states and pick and choose what is best for us. Have faith.
  10. I know he is carrying a gun. I bumped against his side and saw the outline of his GUN. ARREST the crazy killer officer. While we have the checkbook lets spend our money wisely. Why have to spend millions later to get FULL carry?
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