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  1. Hey Guys, Haven't popped in here for a bit but wanted to give credit where it is due. When I started this thread I was confused as to why my background was taking so long and a little worried that I was going to get stuck in a never ending "Pending" black hose I've heard about. ealcala31 was kind enough to respond and shed a little light letting me know I wasn't alone and there were a lot of people delayed for an extended period. He is a home based FFL so he had some knowledge in the matter. Because of his kindness, I decided to visit his online store and saw that he had another firearm that was on my list to acquire. I bought that from him last week and I wanted to say that the experience was excellent. Ernie was just as kind in person and he communicated with me every step of the process. I was a little leary about going to someones house I didn't know, but he made me feel comfortable and welcome from the moment I arrived. I 1000% recommend him for your next purchase, he also has quite a few accessories that you may be interested in. Bottom line Ernie is a great guy and I hope you'll check him out at some point.
  2. Just got back from picking up, they said I was the only one approved today. they have 300 people in pending status. Nuts!
  3. Got a text this morning that I can come pick up my gun. 9 days!
  4. how irritating! Ill be sure to post here as soon as I get my proceed.
  5. Ok. So I got some more info. I went to my FFL yesterday to see what was going on. They mentioned that Illinois updated their system last Sunday and thats when the light bulb went off in my head! I work in IT for OHare and midway supporting different systems including the dispatch centers. Last Sunday the FBI upgraded the LEADS system, for those that dont know, Its the law enforcement database. Its one of the systems used in a nics check. Also, what they run you thru anytime you are pulled over, etc. The process wasnt smooth, took a lot longer than anticipated and been working through bugs this week. My guess is that every gun purchase this past week has been put into delay due to that. Even people that have never been delayed are getting it. Which puts a much bigger load on those that are manually processing. Bottom line, sounds like I picked one of the worst weeks to buy a gun. (Since last year) FYI, Im still waiting and today is one week since I bought the gun.
  6. I appreciate the feedback. Guess its just a waiting game. Seems silly that I have a safe full of firearms, yet gotta wait for permission to take home this one. LOL. I guessing they don’t process these on the weekends so, I guess it will be Monday at the earliest.
  7. Well, good that its not just me, I guess. I've heard of people getting "LOST" in the shuffle and more than 30 days pass without a response. was starting to wonder if this was the start of that. I hate this state more and more the older I get. As an FFL do you have any remedies available to push it a long if it goes too long? and what would you consider too long? Not asking if you could do something for me personally, just asking in generalities out of curiosity.
  8. Hey guys, been awhile since I've posted. 6 weeks ago was my first Firearm purchase in 2 years. Bought a Beretta 92G LTT edition (nice gun). I am always delayed on the background and it always clears before the 72 hours are up. That purchase was no different even though I was sorta expecting a longer delay with everything going on. Fast forward to this past week. I decided to pick up a Sig P365 and filled out 4473 on Sunday 7-11 about 11am. Today is Friday 11:30am and it is still in a pending state. I was under the impression that the state was back on track with background checks since the last one was back in time. Are they still having issues? are others still seeing issues? Since Illinois wont release after 72hrs per federal law, is there anything I can do to shake it loose? Thanks.
  9. You can still buy ammo. Just show the card in your possession. Ammo sales only verify the possession of the card, not the status of it (as long as it is not expired) You still have a valid foid.
  10. It would be nice to be a little more organized as they are. The news said that they had over 200 people. that was a flat out lie. I think the news lumped us all together. Both sides together I think made 200. BTW. I think this place makes shirts quick and fairly affordable. http://www.customink.com
  11. Wholeheartedly agree. I was at Chuck's Yesterday. I was very proud of our side. We were calm, respectful. I can't say the same of the other side. they made mean comments toward us, one gentlemen called all gun owners Cowards. They peered at us with hate and anger in their eyes. I had planned on buying something before I went. I was happy to hear all the others around me talking about going into the store and buying SOMETHING, ANYTHING to support him. It was a real win win as they had tubs of federal 22LR 325rnds. I bought one
  12. Sorry.... I was approved on 2-28 as well. Mine was not mailed until monday and I got it yesterday. If I was in your shoes I would be VERY aggrevated.
  13. Pulaski is not a state Holiday. In fact I was in a DMV office last evening renewing my license plate sticker. I think those of us that were approved late on Friday made it into the mail Monday. When was yours postmarked???
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