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  1. Sorry - I'm new here and I'm in the dark. I would like to participate in the fight to promote and protect our 2nd amendment rights. Submitting whitness slips sounds like a good course of action. I don't know enough yet to participate. Please help me with some ansers to these questions: 1. How do you know what bills are being voted on in a "timely" mannor. How do you get notified to take imediate action? Is it through this forum? An e-mail list? 2. You show instructions on how to fill out a Whitness slip, but I don't know the process or web links to launch the whitness slip application? It would seem you whould have to do it from a web page that is specifically for one bill as the bill number is already on the header of the whitness slip form. How does one get to the slip? 3. Are these slips only for the senate or do they go to the house? Do you have to submitt the slip on the day the bill is being heard on the floor? Do they have any impact if they are submitted early? Thank's
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