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  1. That map is no longer correct as the Dictators in the Slavery Capitol of Springfield and the King 

    DIRT BAG himself are going to make it illegal for us to carry in Illinois unless its a rubber band or ping pong ball

    gun. And they will do their damnest to make sure if you shoot one of the scum gang members in the commission of a felony

    that they charge you, the honest working taxpaying citizen with harming one of the little angels and let them walk for whatever crimes 

    they commit.

    Welcome to heck and yes, they are getting what they voted for.


    Stand on your feet and face the enemy, as they are here, or die on your knees as a slave!

  2. Forgot to mention that the letters and envelopes that had the denial letter and the FOID card in them arrived in the second week of May and had a November postmark on them.


    So evidently the ISP postmarked them and then did not mail them for over 6 months. Or they misplaced them for 6 months.


    Also have not received a call back yet for the calls we made to the ISP on May 9 and it is now the 16th.


    They wonder why we complain about the terrible customer service of the state of Illinois offices?

  3. My daughter just got her notice in the mail, that she was denied a FOID card due to her being seen by a mental health care professional in March 2009 while she was15 and 16 years old.


    Since then, she has gotten everything straightened out, purchased her own home and has a 3 year old little boy and now works as a LPN at the same facility where she was seen.


    But she also got a FOID card in the mail the same day as the denial letter.


    I called the ISP number about this and left a message several days ago, with no return call as of yet.


    I ran the number on the FOID card thru the ISP check screen, and it comes back as not valid.


    What do you guys think about this one?



    I am holding the denial letter and the FOID card in my hands. And it took only 6 months for them to reply to her application at all.


  4. License came in standard envelope with ISP return address in Springfield and came 1st class mail, postmarked Feb 28.


    They used my drivers license photo and the license number had nothing to do with my application number that showed on application.


    Card feels like drivers license in plastic coating.


    And I bet the mailman or lady is either feeling more loved or hated today than most, finding dozens of pacing patrons standing

    in the door waiting anxiously.

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