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  1. Is Iowa still planing on honoring Illinois' CCL? My Mom said she heard something on Jim Fisher's radio program yesterday about them changing their mind. All I have are Galesburg and Monmouth phone books or else I'd call the Scott County Sheriff's office and see if they know anything.
  2. http://www.dailyiowa...etro/27203.html Tempelton is really just a bottler back on topic: Looking forward to taking my obligitory "wall-walk" sometime in mid-late April
  3. Whistle Pig? Isn't that sorced from Indiana, the same distillery that actually makes Templeton Rye? How's it compare to Templeton? I liked the only bottle of Templeton I had. Nice cotton candy notes. Weak, though. Can't really make an old fashioned with it. The flavor gets lost. Gotta go neat with something bottled at only 80 proof.
  4. Wow. Dr. Rat and I agree on something. I'd go one step further and suggest the anti's had this in mind when they, very cleverly, got our guys in the GA to agree to a local LE review, in order to get CC.
  5. Yeah, the text at the bottom, "pursuant to...." and the text at the top: "this applies only to....." Are contradictory. I'd chalk the whole thing up to lazy, disinterested and sloppy management. Lazy because they obviously pulled the image off the ISP web site, disinterested because if they actually used their head for more than a hat rack it would have occurred to them to redact the text at the bottom. Sloppy because using the same image even with the text at the bottom redacted and the text added at the top would still cause some confusion. The real tragedy is I bet they thought they were doing good using the same image. Sad! Sad!
  6. Geneseo is just to the East Of the Quad Cities where I do plenty of shopping...not liking this at all.
  7. Well that's gonna suck for people living on the other side of border communities like the Quad Cities etc.
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