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  1. Did my first official Wally Walk today. Bought some Cherry Pepsi, some paint, and some office supplies. Amazingly enough, I didn't go on a killing rampage and neither did my 1911.
  2. Glad they took their sign down, but I don't think I would go back there simply because the owner sounds like a real ******.
  3. Not Wally related, but I was on GunBot looking for powder yesterday and saw 8lbs of Unique come up available. By the time I went upstairs to get my wallet, it was sold out again.
  4. I was in Springfield today... No 22LR to be found anywhere. But I did buy some Federal 45ACP at Dick's Sporting and some Hornady Critical Defense 380 at Scheels. Could have bought some WWB 45ACP at the Wal Mart on 6th Street, but was hoping for 22LR and didn't decide to buy 45ACP until later in the day. Anybody know of a good source of Unique powder?
  5. Yes. Bought 3 boxes of the white box value pack in S&W .40. 40 is about all my local Wally World has... I'm in the store a lot. Probably 5 days a week. I always make a pass through the Sporting Goods department to glance at the ammo case. The pistol ammo shelf is always empty, save for a few lonely boxes of .40... I've actually considered buying something chambered in .40 lately.
  6. At my local store, any ammunition that comes in on the truck gets stored over night in a backroom lock up. Then the Sporting Goods folks stock it into the sales floor cases when they come in at 7am (most mornings, 8am on some).
  7. That can work also. But be advised, if he gets out his computer pricing gun thing (called a Telzon) and scans the shelf label for an item, it is possible for that system to say that an item is on the way and be incorrect. Only the truck papers are reliable.
  8. Fair warning though, a lot of Managers won't want to check the truck papers to see if a particular item is among the thousands of pieces that arrive on a truck. I wouldn't make it a daily question, if I were you. The 3rd shift folks have an enormous amount of work to do every night. You don't want to be viewed as a pest.
  9. I was a Specialty Division Manager for Wal Mart for about 5 years. My wife has worked for Wal Mart for 20 years. I can answer your question. During the day, the phone is usually answered by a person who works at the fitting room of the clothing departments. This person's job is to answer the phone, monitor the fitting rooms, and fold stuff that needs to be folded. This person is frequently an older Associate, or possibly somebody on "light duty" for a medical reason. They really aren't the most knowledgeable folks, generally. Hopefully they will route questions to somebody who can answer them. Now, the guy who you spoke with who knew that there was no ammo coming in that night, but would be coming the next, was likely an 3rd shift Assistant Manager or Co-Manager (possibly a Dept Manager, but they rarely work that late). Those folks have access to truck lading reports that they can reference to help plan what they are going to do with everything that arrives. It isn't uncommon for overnight Management to actually be carrying that nights truck report with them as they are doing there job.
  10. The world is quite a bit different, once you get a bit South of Chicago even.
  11. All that blurriness makes it look like you purchased something that is embarrassing. *those people of Walmart...* No, I work for Wally World since I retired eight years ago. Just did not need any extra info like store # etc. After spending 8 years at this place I am the Wally World expert because I have survived for 8 yrs which is a real accomplishment in that environment. Actually I am there for the insurance at least for another 2 yrs. Just posted receipt for date, time and WalMart logo. My wife just got her 20 year pin/plaque/shirt/ and permanent discount card. I worked for the Mart for 5 years myself. I was in line for a Specialty Division District Manager job when I left to start my own business. I got out just in time, those DM jobs got eliminated and the Specialty Division i worked for got absorbed by Division 1 about 2 years after I left.
  12. That's good to hear. I've had bad Federal 22LR as well. I'll tell you, the stuff that I used to like best (of the cheap stuff, so CCI not included) was the Blazer. Very rarely had any trouble with it.
  13. Anybody tried these yet? I wonder if they are any better than the old version "Golden Bullets"... The old ones are pretty bad, in my experience.
  14. If it was back on a TLE door, it is possible that it just got missed when others were removed. edit to add: TLE is Wal-Speak for Tire & Lube Express
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