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  1. A vote for any candidate that can't do well with at least some of the major ethnic groups in Cook County cannot win in the General election. Appearances matter, and looking at Bailey tells me that Pritzker could beat him easily. Irvin has a chance to capture a good share of the Black and maybe Latino vote as well as traditional Republicans. He may not be the perfect Republican, but anything has to be better than keeping control of the state in Democrat Party hands. 

  2. I still think that Irvin has the best chance against Fat Boy, since some Blacks will support him while they would not support any other Republican. And crazy Far Left Whites will suffer terrible guilt if they vote for Pritzker over a Black candidate, and thus might just not vote at all. Bailey might be our best candidate, but his haircut makes him a loser nerd. And if he did actually vote for Biden I could never support him in the primary. At this point, I will hold my nose and go for Irvin I think.

  3. The monumental case before the Supreme Court from NY State could well result in the end of "may issue" concealed carry licenses in NY and the 8 other states where that process is used to limit such licenses. I wonder if the ruling could open the way for national "Constitutional carry" if the Court rules that any system requiring government approval for the 2nd Amendment right o "bear" arms is a violation of the Consitution. Of maybe I am just dreaming. I guess I would be happy if the "may issue" is done away with, AND if the Court would demand that state's provide reciprocity for all other state's licenses, similar to that for drivers' licenses. 

  4. Clearly a troll for the Left. Just like the few Nazi signs that were spotted at Trump rallies, where it is most likely that the sign bearer is a Leftist, trying to hurt the image of Trump supporters. I have recently read that this kind of tactic by the Left is what effectively destroyed Parler. 

  5. The expectation is that the Republicans will do very well come November, possibly well enough to take control of the House and possibly the Senate in Washington. But will it manifest itself here in IL, i.e. will Republicans possibly achieve a majority in the state legislature? If that should happen, might there be a chance of elminating the FOID requirement?  Maybe I'm just dreaming. 

  6. Apparently these blue "No gun" signs are Meijer corporate policy. Whether or not they are aware, or care, that their signs are not valid in IL is irrelevant. FWIW, I have contacted them at the corporate level to express my displeasure and have informed them that I no longer will be shopping at their store that is near where I live. I have plenty of other choices, I told them, but that I used to find their store convenient and meeting my needs, but no longer. 

  7. I resent their implication that an armed person is a criminal. I’m waiting to see a retail posting which says that legally carried firearms are welcome, but illegally carried firearms are prohibited. No one posts in that manner since they see the obvious foolishness in prohibiting something that is already illegal. But that recognition does not seem to extend to understanding that armed “good guys” make for a safer, not more dangerous environment.

  8. I have no idea if the "threat" of "firearm detecting dogs" is just an empty threat or something real, but if real, I assume that security staff would just be walking around the mall with the dog, waiting for it to react to the smell it is trained for. The security staff are not police officers, and I have no idea what real authority they have to detain, let alone search someone that such a dog would identify. Maybe they just tell the person to leave the mall immediately, and if the person refuses they call the local PD. This mall, which is seen as a "high end" mall with a Nordstrom and other quality stores, had some criminal issues not long ago that I read about, and this new policy and/or signage might be the mall's management idea on reassuring customers that visiting the mall is a safe experience. In any case, I doubt that this sign will change my visits to this mall as the mall is the favorite of my wife, and I would rather patronize a mall that does not respect my 2nd Amendment rights than have my wife go there by herself (and of course, unarmed).

  9. This is not an Illinois issue, but I thought some might find this of interest. If you venture North to Milwaukee, and decide to go to Mayfair Mall (which is the pre-eminent mall for that city), you will see an interesting posting. In addition to saying that firearms are not permitted, the sign warns that the mall uses firearm detecting dogs. Of course, “no guns” signs in Wisconsin do not have the force of law as they do in Illinois, but a concealed carrier who might otherwise avoid detection might well get “outed” by one of those trained dogs.


    FWIW, I had no problems at the mall and saw no sign of any of these “firearm detecting dogs”, but found myself thinking that I hope we do not see the same tactic introduced here in Illinois.

  10. Why not post them for sale here? She will realize more money then if she sold them to a dealer or put them on consignment. You could do the ISP check for her and meet the buyer with her.


    I will suggest that to her, but not right now. As an organ donor his body has not yet been released to the funeral home, and the widow is delaying even making funeral arrangements until hearing from some out of town relatives. I told her when she is ready we can talk about what she wants to do with his firearms as well as his several vehicles and that I will try to help her as best I can. I truly appreciate all the good advice that has been provided already.

  11. I'm glad I got my Utah license, which I originally did so that I could carry in Wisconsin (before IL had a concealed carry license). Even now it is helpful when I visit my son in Texas. Between the Utah and the IL license I am legal as I drive through IL, MO, OK and Texas. I also had a NH license but I let it expire since it only adds NH (a place I am unlikely to travel to). I also still have PA, but not sure I will go through the hassle of renewing in person when the current one expires.
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