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    Shiloh ,Illinois
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    ICCT Illinois Concealed Carry Training . Just to try and Lower the Cost of Getting a CCW permit in this Onerous State .

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  1. Wow this nightmare you my friends are dealing makes me sad and glad at the same time. Sad the state I live in for 61 years has jumped the shark and come to this. Glad because I got divorced and moved out of state almost 5 years ago. Stay strong my friends
  2. This is not AR15.com and you might want to tone down the Anti Union rhetoric a tad as there a whole lot of us Union folk here . We do not attack your Right to Work mindset St Louis Carpenters Local 97 .
  3. Cook Co sheriff has a web page dedicated to their objections http://www.cookcountysheriff.org/conceal_and_carry.html Now I am more confused than a blind _ _ _ _ _ at a wienie roast . By the above those objections should not even have a FOID card . Yet they went through a class , paid $$$ for it and were denied . I cannot believe 3+K were that Stupid Does anyone else see where this is Going too ?????????????? Cook County Applications 55,717 Total Sheriff's Office Objections 3,682 Basis for Concealed Carry Objection Objection Count * Agg. Battery/Agg. Assault 519 Battery/Assault 505 Burglary/Theft/Robbery 160 Domestic Violence 1323 Drugs 173 False Personation of Police/Public Employee 32 Gang Affiliation/Arrest 257 Gun Crimes 1085 Mental Health 2 Murder 27 Orders of Protection 370 Sex Crimes 107 Stalking/Threat to Kill 6 Other 396
  4. KWC I am not an accountant nor actuary all I saw in Post 11 was 1684 from Cook County and 1071 from Chicago Sorry but we need to have more details , Who is making the objections in Cook & Chicago . The reasons for their objections . I am going to say Piddly and Frivolous
  5. I and I think many here do too Glad to do it... thanks for the "thanks"! At the moment I'm having difficulty even getting summary stats (by city/county)--the FOIA officer now claims all CCLRB proceedings are exempt from FOIA, despite providing these data to me in May. I'm appealing it. But given this push-back it's unlikely they will provide details on the specific sources of the objections. KWC as quoted above in red If you can find out Whom and why I think/hope you can find a pattern . If you can think of the Ammunition you could give Miss Molly B to at least try a give a good smack down and slapping too That would put a smile on a whole lot of Faces
  6. 1st thank you for the work you provide . It must be a labor of love for you Is there any way to find out Whom objected and why (for what reason) to an application I think that would be a lot more useful
  7. Maag is a quite capable Lawyer/Liar It makes me wonder why he took the case as I do not see it as a money maker for him
  8. Thank you, DoveGunner! It's good to know these protests are having a positive effect. And as a more general update to this project, I've been reaching out to a few businesses here and there, arranging some incentives for purchases made as a part of a counter protest. Just some small ways for them to say thank you for making Michael Pfleger's efforts a little more profitable experience for our 2A friends. I'll continue to contact more businessess as time permits, or please feel free to contact me if you'd like to participate. It was my Pleasure . They are good people . Will gladly do it again if I get the chance
  9. heck I am looking for a couple of Specific used S&W revolvers so I will give them a Call . Its a long shot but you never know I will yell them it is due to this thread . Hows that for a Bump Mauser ????
  10. I was Approved Late afternoon Friday Applied 12/18/2014 Paid 12/18/2014 Finger Prints Submitted 12/18/2014 So it looks like 75 days from Application Submitted to License in hand . Considering we have been waiting Decades not to shabby at all But still sooner than the 90 days . Now us residents have more rights than the Non Residents that have been able to carry in there vehicle when we could not
  11. They are very quick with the turn around I got mine from mailing check to receiving material in around 6 days maybe 7
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