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Colt Trooper (LE6920) vs Sig Sauer M400 Elite

Colt Sig Sauer AR-15 Rifle Budget $1000

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Posted 25 April 2018 - 10:46 PM

With a magnified scope, at worst you'll see a little darkening in the bottom of the image, usually not noticeable. With a red dot it's there, but just think of it as a giant front sight post.

Do not raise an optic significantly, it screws up the ergonomics and the excessive height over bore becomes an aiming problem.

If you want to change the front sight later on, it can be done but isn't necessarily trivial depending on your facility with tools. The ticket these days seems to be a longer free float handguard over a low profile gas block which starts to get more involved as far as DIY but no problem for anyone who works on ARs.
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Posted 03 May 2018 - 03:17 PM

As many have stated, buy a complete upper, and build your own lower (or buy a built lower). 


If you buy a complete upper, you can get by without ANY special tools.  It will take you about 45 minutes to put the lower together.  


The KEY reason why you don't want to buy a complete rifle is that you can never turn it into a pistol.  If you buy a stripped or complete lower ONLY, it will be marked as an "other" instead of a "rifle"....thus, if you make it a pistol first (hint!), you can then turn it into a rifle, and back into a pistol as often as you like.  If If the weapon is a rifle first, it can NEVER be a pistol.


For the price, I cannot say enough good things about PSA.  I have one of their lowers, and a couple of Anderson lowers as well. 



*Get Nitrate/Melonite barrels in the uppers.  If they are not listed in the description...either ask the question, or get a different upper.  The price difference between nitrate and normal phosphate is between $0 and $10, so it is always worth it.  IMO, Nitrate will replace all chrome lined barrels.   If you want an even better barrel, look for their more expensive CHF (Cold Hammer Forged) barrels.  FN makes PSA's CHF barrels....so...yeah...can't get much better than that for the price. 


*Most of their non CHF barrels are 4150, which is what you want (assuming you are not going stainless steel).  But similar to the above finish, if it is noted stated. There could be a few 4140's out there.  


*I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their EPT (Enhanced Polished Trigger) fire control groups (FCG) if you can find them in stock  (Look for them in a package).  Best value on the market.  The next best value would be the ALG ACT trigger. 


*I like their NiB BCG's (Bolt carrier groups).  Make sure they are fully tested in the descriptions.  Some are, some are not. 


*Buffer tubes and charging handles.  Unless specifically stated, most of their buffer tubes and charging handles are 6061 aluminum vs 7075.  For my weapons, I swapped out the 6061 stuff (usually in the kits) for 7075 items...either from PSA or Brownell's (for my 7075 rifle length buffer tube). 


*Free Float!  It is 2018....there is pretty much ZERO reason to not have a free floating upper unless you are doing a classic build on purpose.  I prefer M-Lok, although I do have a Keymod upper with a 16" SS pencil (yes, I know, bad combo) barrel.  I pulled the birdcage off and put a thread protector on it.  I'm in the process of pinning it so it can be my "legal" upper.   It is lightweight and looks cool in SS, so it is a pistol upper....even at 16 inches. 


*I went Magpul crazy....but have fun picking out furniture.  OD Green?  FDE? Stealth Grey? Or just black?  Make it yours!