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Advance Handgun Classes - Beyond Concealed Carry

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Posted 10 July 2015 - 01:20 PM

Advance Handgun Class  (all classes at Article 2 Gun Range in Lombard, IL.)  $100 each Session
__________________________________                  - Take Any Session in Any Order-
SESSION 1  (Beyond Concealed Carry)                      
     Sunday July 19, 2015 8am-12noon
     Saturday December 5, 2015 8am-12noon
SESSION 2  (Take Back the Night)
      Saturday August 8, 2015 4pm-8pm   
SESSION 3 (Shoot and Move-Move and Shoot)
      Saturday October 3, 2015 8am-4pm
  You want to learn to be truly proficient with a handgun?

This is a drills oriented class designed to make you a better-faster, more accurate tactically proficient shooter.  These are 1 day FOUR HOUR all shoot class with tons of drills.

Here’s a chance to practice some of those skills that you can’t do at a commercial gun range like:

  SESSION 1 (Beyond Concealed Carry)              SESSION 2 (Take Back the Night)
     (aka- "I'm gone break yo sh*t!")                           (aka- "Doing it in the Dark")

 Drawing from the holster                                         Low light shooting (w/special night simulator goggles)             Rapid firing and double taps                                    Flashlight shooting techniques
Shooting multiple targets                                         FBI Qualification Course
Barricade shooting                                                  Command/Shoot-No Decision making
Shooting and moving                                              Shooting from seated position/vehicles
    forward, rearward, lateral                                    Malfunction drills
Alternative shooting positions:                                Injured shooter drills
    kneeling, prone, supine                                       Active shooter shoothouse training
Tactical and speed reloading                                  And more!
And more!

    SESSION 3 (Move and Shoot - Shoot and Move)
      (aka "Fight to Win or Die Trying")

Shooting on the move (and move and keep on moving)
All shooting from behind cover
Shooting from Unconventional Positions-Sitting behind a desk, Dinner table, Toilet (simulated), In a car (not simulated)
Exploding off the X to covered position
Combat Mindset (focusing yourself mentally for an armed encounter)
US Air Marshal Qualification Course (most challenging shoot qualifier)
How to shoot faster-trigger manipulation
Man vs Man Combat Reaction Drill (no we're not going to shoot at each other...that's Session 4)
And did I say MOVE and SHOOT and SHOOT and MOVE (hint-there's going to be a lot of moving in this class)

EQUIPMENT NEEDED- BRING YOUR OWN HANDGUN, 200 rounds of ammunition, magazines (try to have at least 3, if you have a low capacity gun (7-8 rd) you definitely need several magazines), speed loader (if you're bringing a revolver), magazine carrier/pouch (or speedloader carrier)
Holster-bring a modern, conceal carry quality kydex or leather holster that will stay open once you draw your gun. No cheap, flimsy nylon or holsters with a strap or flap from the 19th century.
NOTE: in this class I will try to break you sh*t. If you bring sub standard, cheap guns, holsters, magazines etc. it will probably be broke before this class is over (I'll have extra that you can borrow). You'll thank me later for not letting you carry that crap on the street when it's time to protect your life and the lives of your family.

Illinois Concealed Carry Class (doesn't have to be my class but one that was almost as good is fine.), NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, 40 hour Armed Security, Previous Law Enforcement etc.

You can do Session 1, 2 and 3 in any order.

Sign up at http://cfdshooters.c...dgun-class.html


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Posted 28 July 2015 - 05:53 PM

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