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NRA memberships on sale

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Posted 24 January 2019 - 01:40 PM

Im a NRA member and Id like to say the GOA does far more with less so thats where my money is going though once not true the NRA is now a firmly republican orginazation . And the same republicans sat silent for 2 years of having the house and senate with reguarding to our second amendment liberty. All the NRA seems to ask is for more money and not do jack or sh*t about our constitutional freedoms. Reminds me of post 9/11 with Bush and the Patriot act Republicans where the loud one and the Dems made noise about our constitutional rights being violated, But then Obama gets voted in and not only didnt he restore rights he enhanced civilian survailance we will never get thoose rights back and when it comes to robbing us of our rights both these parties are hand and glove dont be fooled by the circus . Now its the Dems who want our guns and the Republicans who are silent saying the crap the dems did after 9/11 about constitutional infringment . And the NRA works with the Republicans they dont even pretend to be bi-partisan better the GOA that fights the goverment than the NRA who makes noises about fighting for our rights but arent on any court dockets. If the NRA ever stopped giving me cheap hats/trinkets and hired lawyers to fight legal cases Ill reconsider but for now once my five years are up not a dime NRA= Never Renew Again as there Not Real Activists. 

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