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Response time from ISRA or NRA membership?

Membership response time join

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#31 Bubbacs

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 02:32 PM

For what I would assume is a lot of us, the NRA pistol instructor quals is the reason we keep our memberships!
Not every CCL instructor is former or current law enforcement etc.
So we need these quals to keep our ability to instruct here in Illinois.
Although i too am not fully happy about the NRA and the constant asking for more and more, I need the membership.
When i took the class to be an instructor iirc there was 2 state officers in our class.
They both stated they need this to do ccl as they were retiring soon.

FYI, Just my 2 cents - The 2 State Police officers you mentioned saying they were retiring soon and needed a CCL.  Not accurately stated.  They actually NEEDED their IROCC (Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry) certification/license to carry concealed.  The regular CCL is for concealed carry by civilians and civilian CCW instructors.  Retired police officers need only the IROCC cert for concealed carry.
The IROCC cert is renewed annually and the CCW is every 5 years.  The CCW Instructor cert has no expiration.  Perhaps, with the CCL, they wanted the ability to carry beyond 1 year without having to renew?  IROCC is $75 every year.  I think the CCL is much cheaper and every 5 years.  Also, an Illinois CCW Instructor does not require a NRA instructor's license to teach CCW, only for NRA classes.
Being a retired police office and Viet Nam vet, the term "CYA" was burned into my psychie.  So, I have both the IROCC and CCW Instructor licenses, Illinois State Law Enforcement Instructor Cert (for pistol, rifle, shotgun), and teach Long Range Precision Rifle shooting (and currently my NRA membership).
Thanks for listening to my babble.

I think i said they needed this to DO CCL's.....not have a CCL!
But then I was just giving an opinion and an example.

#32 mab22


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Posted 16 April 2019 - 10:21 PM

Update, Received my NRA membership today. They spelled my last name wrong :-( this isnt going to be fun...

#33 jrsavoie


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Posted 17 April 2019 - 04:42 PM

I'll bet the ladies in the ISRA office are SWAMPED right now. 


Be patient.


Soon enough you'll tire of ISRA stuff in your mailbox - BUT they aren't as prolific as the NRA.

I called the NRA and got put on their NO mail list. I did the same with the GOA. I do NOT want my money going to wasted money on mailings


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Posted 19 April 2019 - 12:34 PM

For those who support the NRA, life memberships are on sale for $600 https://membership.n...aignid=XM034301 I am probably going to get a three-year renewal, although I suspect this year’s biggest legislative fights will be in Springfield.

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